Trusting Nutrilite Product Claims: Third-Party Testing

You may have already read about Nutrilite’s rigorous in-house testing process, which is used to verify the efficacy of our nutritional supplements as well as Nutrilite’s validated testing procedures, called phytochemical fingerprinting, to ensure the presence of important phytonutrients. Today, in part 3 of our series on how we back up our product claims, we’re letting you in on another key part of our process: third-party testing.


How it works

For an additional level of validation, Nutrilite submits many of its products for independent, third-party testing to prove that they are pure and high-quality.

For example, NSF International, an independent product testing organization, under its “Certified for Sport” program, analyzes every lot of certain Nutrilite supplements sold in the United States. Among them are Double X, for which they verify label claims and assure that the product is free of pesticides and banned substances.

“We have such confidence in our quality systems that we welcome having a third party verify that we are producing quality products,” said Sandy O’Day, Quality Assurance Manager for the Nutrilite business line.

On-site Inspections

Beyond product testing, NSF also inspects Nutrilite production facilities in Buena Park, Calif., and Ada, Mich., twice each year, to certify that they meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s good manufacturing practices standards. In addition, the International Organization for Standardization inspects the company’s Buena Park lab annually to certify that it meets the highest standards.

Taking quality even further

Purity of dietary supplement products varies from company to company. The third-party testing process proves it. That’s why Amway goes a step beyond continually improving our own products.

In fact, we want every dietary supplement to be one you can trust. So we also work with industry groups — like the American Botanical Council and the Council for Responsible Nutrition — to help urge higher quality standards across the supplements industry.

So you can rest assured that the nutritional products you buy every day are both safe and effective.

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