Sustainable Farming: The Assurance of NutriCert Certification

Sustainable Farming

When you work with partners, great communication is key to long-term success. At Amway, traceability is a rigorous process of documentation and is required for every botanical supplier. It’s an important part of the NutriCert Certification Standards and auditing process, which are exclusive to Nutrilite and are based on the principles that Carl Rehnborg used to establish his own farm.

Our organic farming practices are dedicated to maintaining ecological harmony, promoting biodiversity while promoting social responsibility. Nutrilite’s NutriCert program offers a way to incorporate Nutrilite’s farming principles and practices into the way our suppliers manage their own farms.

The Guiding and Driving Principle of NutriCert

The principle driving NutriCert is that Nutrilite’s “partner farms” will be complying with and contributing to Nutrilite’s sustainable farming philosophy.

The program was implemented at the end of 2004 and requires extensive auditing and qualification of supplier farms.

Areas Covered by NutriCert

  • Green farming practices that benefit the environment
  • Socially responsible practices that positively affect people
  • Smart business practices that provide assurance of quality control

Examples of NutriCert Program Practices

  • Maintenance of a natural and balanced farm site environment
  • Ecologically vital operations that enhance biodiversity
  • Good agricultural practices that promote food safety
  • Worker safety and development
  • Community outreach and involvement
  • Documentation of farm management plans and production activities
  • Traceability of final ingredient to the agricultural field location

Setting a High Standard

From Amanda Hennerty:

“We require all botanical suppliers to disclose information that goes all the way to the farm level. Then the NutriCert program takes over. Every supply chain is expected to meet the standards that Amway has set for our own farms. Traceability and the NutriCert standards review for simple one- or two-tiered supply chains are often a short process, but in other situations, when the supply chain is more complicated with three to six levels, the assessment is lengthy and complex.”

Sharing and Spreading Meaningful Knowledge Has Positive Results

So far, the NutriCert program has been very positive. By sharing and spreading the knowledge of organic and sustainable farming, Nutrilite is also building relationships with partner farms. Nutrilite forges ahead and continues to develop additional NutriCert farms annually.



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