Spring cleaning: Check your supplement expiration dates

Nutrilite tablets tumble off a conveyor belt. It's important to check the expiration date on supplement packages.

Have you been spring cleaning? Maybe organizing your pantry and cupboards and throwing out expired items? Make sure you include your vitamins and supplements in the list.

Once that expiration date is past, you can’t be sure the product is as effective as the label promises.

“For best results, if a product is expired, dispose of it immediately—no matter the brand,” said Mark Gammage, manager of chemistry stability investigations at Amway. “It’s that simple.”

Product stability

Expiration dates for Nutrilite™ supplements, which are printed on the bottom of most containers, are set by Nutrilite scientists after extensive stability testing.

“When we talk about stability, we are primarily talking about the stability of the key ingredient,” says Mark Proefke, manager of analytical sciences for Amway. “In vitamin C tablets it’s very simple: It’s vitamin C. Echinacea, for example, is very different because it contains a complex plant extract.”

A scientist's hand holds a Nutrilite supplement bottle and the expiration date is visible on the bottom of it.

Finding the expiration date

The scientists consider the conditions in which a product might be stored—both before and after it has been opened. That includes warm, tropical climates or dry, freezing climates. The goal is to determine the length of time that a product will retain its optimum potency, consistency and overall quality.

Nutrilite scientists conduct about 30,000 tests each year to ensure products meet the company’s standards for stability along with odor, appearance and viscosity.

Storing your supplements

Nutrilite scientists do not set specific temperature guidelines for storing supplements, but they say it’s best to avoid the extreme heat, humidity and direct sunlight.

If you have questions or want to learn more, contact customer service at Amway U.S. or Amway Canada. Read more about Nutrilite™ supplements at Amway Connections.

And to ensure maximum effectiveness, toss supplements that are past the expiration date on the package.

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