Vitamins for kids: Your simple guide to Nutrilite Kids supplements in the U.S.

Two school-age kids are doing a science experiment with a volcano in the kitchen. They each have a pair of safety goggles.

Between school, play, sports, field trips and sleepovers, our kids are always on the go. That makes supporting their immune systems and ensuring they get all the nutrients they need a challenge.

But a healthy diet filled with colorful fruits and vegetables providing plenty of plant nutrients is a good place to start. The nutrients in plant-based foods help support kids’ immune systems.

Of course, kids have minds of their own, and they don’t always want to load up on these brightly-colored, nutrient-rich foods.

Daily supplements for children can help

When kids can’t get enough vitamins and minerals from their daily meals, nutritional supplements can help fill the gaps. Whatever their ages and activities, you can find an easy-to-take supplement that will address their biggest nutrient gaps.

To help your kids be their best, read about the Nutrilite™ supplements for kids below to find out which ones are the best for your family!

Two kids show their Nutrilite Kids Complete Immunity stickpacks to camera. Their clothes are wet from playing in the rain.

Kids’ immune system support

Nutrilite Kids Complete Immunity Fast-Melt Powder

Have your kids ever gone out to play in the rain, snow or blistering heat? Of course they have! It’s in their nature to explore the world no matter the weather; they’re kids. And that’s why you need to give their immune systems all the support they can get.

Nutrilite Kids Complete Immunity Fast-Melt Powder blends four powerful, immune system-supporting ingredients: vitamin C, probiotics, zinc and vitamin D. Think of them as the immunity supporting super friends!

The vitamin C comes from acerola cherries grown on our certified organic Nutrilite farm in Brazil and can be traced back to the plot of trees the cherries came from. Acerola cherries are one of nature’s most concentrated sources of vitamin C. A single cherry has the vitamin C equivalent of nearly 50 oranges!

The Nutrilite Kids Complete Immunity is a great tasting, fast melting, icy-cool powder that kids will love. That is, if they ever come in from their outside adventures to give it a try.

A package of Nutrilite Kids Brainiums DHA Jelly Splats shown against a white background.Support early brain development

Nutrilite Kids Brainium DHA Jelly Splat

You’ve heard the phrase: Kids’ brains are sponges. It’s true! They are always learning and absorbing while growing and developing.

Give them extra support with Nutrilite Kids Brainium DHA™ Jelly Splats. They are exactly what they sound like: a soft, chewy splat of tasty jelly kids can pop in their mouth. Each sugar-free, non-GMO splat has plenty of omega-3s to support brain health†.

The omega-3s come from sustainably sourced fish and organic chia seed oil that we can trace right back to the seedlings on the farm where the chia was grown.

The Nutrilite Kids Brainium DHA Jelly Splat provides your children three key omega-3: 25 mg ALA, 50 mg EPA and 250 mg DHA. DHA is especially important in the early stages of a child’s development.

Young girl holds a Nutrilite Kids Superfood Smoothie while sitting on the bench. Her arm is resting on a soccer ball.

Grab-n-go healthy snacks with plant nutrients

Nutrilite Kids Superfood Smoothie

Whether kids need a snack for after-school activities or something to grab when they walk in the door from the bus, the Nutrilite Kids Superfood Smoothie is a super easy option for you and for them!

It has 3 grams of plant-based, non-soy protein with no added sugar and is made from the purees of eight different fruits and vegetables from five colorful of the food groups. It provides the same amount of plant nutrients as a 1-cup serving of fruits or vegetables.

Plus, every cap turns into a fun toy they can collect, stack and build with! It tastes good and it’s fun: This is something your kids will actually love to eat and will keep them go-go-going so you can avoid the regular lament of “I’m hungry!” at all hours of the day.

A young Asian boy studying at home in front of a window with Nutrilite Kids Multivitamin Gummies nearby.

Fill nutrient gaps for kids

Nutrilite Kids Gummy Vitamins 

Despite our best efforts, some days our kids will eat healthy and some days they’ll thwart our attempts and survive on a diet of sugar and fast food. We can only do so much.

On those days especially you can consider a supplement like the Nutrilite Kids Multivitamin Gummy to help them get their recommended daily intake of nutrients. In addition to filling their nutrition gaps with 12 vitamins and minerals, Nutrilite Kids Multivitamin Gummies also support their immunity, bone health and their vision.

Nutrilite researchers ensured that all nutrient levels in the gummies meet the recommendations of the National Academy of Medicine and the formulas are reviewed by board-certified toxicologists. Also, our scientists use cellular-based technology to model human metabolism and nutrient absorption so they know it’s safe for kids.

A hand is shown harvesting sea buckthorn, an orange berry grown on a tree. They are used in Nutrilite Kids supplements.

They also have plant nutrients from five colors of fruits and vegetables. A day’s serving of the gummies gives kids more vitamin A than 3 cups of broccoli, more vitamin E than 2 avocados and more vitamin C than 2 cups of spinach!

Another benefit: Those plant nutrients can be traced all the way back to the Nutrilite farms or approved partner farms where they were grown. And they were checked for safety and quality all along the way from harvest to production to packaging.

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Helping your kids make smart choices when it comes to meals and snacks is the best way to ensure they’re consuming the nutrients their growing bodies need. But kids are kids. Consider kids vitamins to help them get what they need when they wander too far from the path of healthy eating.

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