Making it Simple: Your Guide to Omega-3 Supplements

We hear about the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids a lot, and with good reason! They’re the building blocks of the cells that make up our bodies.

These powerful, essential fats offer lots of great health benefits for people of all ages. Whether we’re maintaining the good health we already have — or taking steps to achieve optimal health of our eyes, joints, heart, and more — virtually anyone can benefit from getting plenty of Omega-3s.

DHA and EPA: What can they do for us?

The two most important types of Omega-3s, when it comes to human physiology, are:

  • DHA, which plays a crucial role in eye and brain health
  • EPA, which helps support cardiovascular and joint health

How do we get Omega-3s?

Both types of Omega-3s can be found in healthy, naturally fatty foods like salmon, as well as nuts and seeds. But unfortunately, our bodies don’t make Omega-3s from scratch.

That means that to get plenty of DHA and EPA into our systems, many of us will need to take nutritional supplements.

Targeting health concerns

Depending on your specific health concerns, you can find just the right Omega-3 supplement to support you, and everyone in your family, in achieving optimal health. And Nutrilite makes finding the right ones simple.

Your Omega-3 Reference Guide!

Use this convenient chart to find an Omega-3 supplement that’s targeted to your biggest needs:


Get the ones you need most!

Stock up on Omega-3s for everyone in your family:

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