Can dietary supplements be halal?

A woman's hand is shown pouring a Nutrilite vitamin C tablet from the bottle into the palm of her other hand.

You may have heard of halal, or have seen the halal certification marks on food products, but do you know what it really means? And did you know that dietary supplements and other products can be certified halal, too?

What does halal mean?

In its most basic sense, halal is an Arabic word that translates to something being lawful or permitted.

Foods and food products like dietary supplements are generally halal if they are free from anything specifically prohibited by Islamic law and if they are made, handled, manufactured and stored using equipment that has been cleaned according to Islamic law.

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA®) lists some of the foods that are specifically prohibited:

  • Pork products
  • Animals not slaughtered according to Islamic method or those that were dead before slaughtering
  • Alcoholic drinks and intoxicants
  • Carnivorous animals and birds of prey
  • Blood and blood by-products
  • Foods contaminated with any of the above items

A circle containing a crescent moon and the letter M, the mark from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America indicating the product is halal.

Mark of approval

Many foods are halal, but some manufacturers will seek halal certification to assure consumers. Products that have been certified halal will have an identifying mark on the label. For example, the IFANCA mark is a circle containing a crescent moon and the letter M.

IFANCA is the leading halal-certifying organization in the U.S. and a global leader in halal education, so it’s the mark you are most likely to see when searching for a halal product, but there are others.

A closeup of about a half dozen softgels.

A growing market

The world’s Muslim population is estimated at 1.6 billion people, and many who practice Islam are careful to eat only foods that have been deemed halal.

According to recent report, the halal food industry in the United States is growing quickly. Overall sales grew to $20 billion in recent years, surging ahead not only because of a rising Muslim population, but also because younger customers are seeking halal foods for non-religious reasons.

Halal vitamins and supplements

When you see a halal label on vitamins and dietary supplements, it has to do with how they are manufactured and what ingredients are used.

Most of the supplements that carry the designation are softgels or capsules made with an animal-based gelatin.

A supplement that is deemed halal means that the gelatin has been made from an animal that was cared for and used according to accepted Islamic practices.

A man reads the label on a Nutrilite All Plant Protein package. The label features the mark from IFANCA indicating it is halal.

Nutrilite: Award-winning halal certification

Nutrilite, the world’s number one selling vitamins and dietary supplement brand†, has a large selection of halal-certified products for people specifically looking for that type of supplement.

More than 25 Nutrilite products have been certified by IFANCA as containing ingredients that meet halal requirements. These include items like the Nutrilite™ Carb Blocker, Nutrilite™ Vitamin C Extended Release and the Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein Powder.

In recent years, IFANCA named Nutrilite its Company of the Year for its excellence in compliance of producing halal-certified products for people around the world.

So the next time you see the halal label on a food item or your supplement bottle, you’ll know that extra care was taken to create a product to meet these special guidelines.

Learn more

Want to see the complete list of halal-certified Nutrilite products? Click here for the United States and click here for Canada. To learn more about Nutrilite products in general, visit the links below.

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  • Ayjemal says:

    And one more question, does halal certificate of Nutrilite refer to Nutriway,too?

    • Amway Connections says:

      The halal certification mentioned in this article and connected to various products on, and is only applicable to those products sold in the United States, the Dominican Republic and Canada. Please consult the Amway affiliate in the country where your product is sold to ask about halal certification. Thanks!

  • Ayjemal says:

    Is Nutrilite and Nutriway products are the same ingredients?

    • Amway Connections says:

      Hi Ayjemal, Nutrilite products are sold under the name Nutriway in Australia and New Zealand. Because products must be approved by each country’s rules and regulations regarding supplements, there may be differences between products sold in different countries. Please speak with customer service at the Amway affiliate in the country where your product is sold to learn more. Thanks so much for your question!

  • Jafar says:

    Hello Amway connections,
    The list and the halal certificate is from 2019 and it expired in Feb 2020. Can you share the latest one?

    • Amway Connections says:

      Hi Jafar, There are logistical and timing issues with keeping our fully updated certificate available on the website. However, you can be sure that any Nutrilite product bearing the halal symbol is currently certified halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America. Thanks so much for your question!

  • zahir says:

    i am zahir ahmad
    want to know about capsules of amway like salmon omega,multicarotene and others which are capsule form whether the gelatin in these capsules is halal?
    secondly products like co q 10 ,is halal?

    • Amway Connections says:

      Hi Zahir, only Nutrilite products bearing the halal symbol from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America are certified halal. Neither Nutrilite Balanced Health Omega nor Nutrilite Heart Health Coq10 have the symbol, so they are not certified halal. Nutrilite Multi Carotene, however, is certified halal, and you can find the symbol on the package. Thanks for your question!

  • Shamil says:

    Hey Amway! I used to use Omega 3 and I wonder if the Omega sold in Russian and Kazakhstan market is halal as it contains gelatin and I can’t find M mark which was written somewhere. Is it same bovine gelatin used there?

    • Amway Connections says:

      Hi Shamil, thanks for your question. The best way to get an answer is to call Amway Customer Service for each market you are interested in. They are the most knowledgeable about what they sell. Thanks for your interest!

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    Hello !! I am Irshad from India are Nutrilite suppliments manufactured in India halal??

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    Hi I am Abdul Khan I have decided to use your one of the best product NUTRILITE DAILY for daily supplement but after buying this product I have notice that in other ingredients containing gelatin as per my knowledge gelatin is made from pork so I just want some clarity about this gelatin whether nutalite daily is halal or not. if I get some information with reference then it is fell free to me for using this product thanks.

    • Amway Connections says:

      Greetings, Abdul! The gelatin used in our Nutrilite Daily supplements is bovine. You can also see the halal product certificate from IFANCA under “Resources” on the product page at Thanks for your question!

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    How to check Amway nutrition products like daily calmag D plus expiry date

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