The Best Of Nature: What Is Organic Farming?

We all want to make sure we’re getting good nutrition to support our health. And we’ve all heard that organic foods and ingredients are good for us. But why?

The concept of organic farming

Organic farming involves raising crops without the use of toxic chemicals that can find their way into the food itself as it’s growing. This technique results in plants which are free of hazardous toxins that can negatively impact human health.

Promoting environmental stewardship

At Nutrilite, we pride ourselves on controlling the quality of our products, all the way from seed to supplement. So for us, this commitment starts with making sure our phytonutrient-rich plant ingredients are as natural as possible.

That means we:

  • Prohibit the use of synthetic fertilizers, toxic chemicals, and pesticides
  • Use natural methods to control harmful weeds, insects, and predators.
  • Practice sustainable farming methods that include crop rotation, intercropping, composting, earthworms, and water management.
  • Create our own organic compost to put nutrients back in the soil.
  • Prevent topsoil erosion and improve soil fertility and water quality by utilizing holistic agricultural techniques.
  • Protect the environment and its habitats, and promote species diversity and a sustainable future for our planet.

Safeguarding the health of the communities where we operate

For Nutrilite, this is a technique we’ve believed in from the very beginning — long before organic farming was even a concept. Discover more about how we do it.


Did you know?

Nutrilite’s Trout Lake Farm is the largest certified organic herb farm in North America.

What organic farming can look like

 On our organic farms, we use nature to control nature. An example of this is Copper — one of many falcons used to control pests at Trout Lake Farm. His job is to scare away smaller birds that pose a threat to our crops, but without harming them. This pest control technique offers a variety of advantages when it comes to organic practices, and more.

For smaller pests, we use ladybugs and green lacewings, among others, to control harmful insects and prevent them from attacking our crops.

Benefits of organic farming

Amway’s commitment to organic farming has deep roots. By replenishing the soil — rather than depleting its nutrients — we ensure that the plants we grow are rich in nutrition. And by removing chemical pesticides and herbicides from the process, we help keep harmful toxins out of our nutritional supplements. The result is a broad spectrum of nutritional supplements you can trust!

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