6 tips for remembering to take your vitamins

A man gives Nutrilite vitamins to two children seated on the edge of a kitchen counter.

You’re halfway through your work day when you realize that, once again, you forgot to take your vitamins that morning.

Why do you always forget? How can something so simple be so difficult to remember? Most likely it’s because your mornings are packed with duties from yoga to walking the dog to getting you and your family out the door to work and school with lunches in tow.

The key to remembering to get your daily dose of added nutrients is finding a memory trick that works for you. Here are some suggestions.

Nutrilite supplements sit on a shelf next to a pair of glasses and a set of keys.

Keep vitamins visible

Don’t keep your vitamins and supplements in the cupboard. When they’re out of sight, they are out of mind. Keep them in a place that is part of your morning routine, like right by your kitchen sink, coffee maker or toothpaste.

Make vitamins part of your routine

Speaking of routines, creating one that includes taking your vitamins and supplements will help make it a habit.

For example, if you usually make coffee, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and fill a travel mug before heading out, add “take your vitamins” just before you brush or teeth or as you drink your first cup of coffee. (See above: This is why you keep them next to your coffee pot or toothpaste!)

You could also make it part of your regular morning meal. Tell yourself it’s not a complete breakfast without your vitamins and supplements.

Woman pouring coffee from French press with Nutrilite Vitamin B in background.

Use technology

A simple daily alarm on your smartphone can work wonders, but if you need something more involved there are a variety of apps that can help organize and track your vitamins while reminding you to take them along with encouraging you to make other healthy life choices. One even turns it into a game.

Put it on your to-do list

Do you live and die by your to-do lists? Put “take vitamins” at the top of your daily list and feel the joy of crossing it off each morning. It might feel like cheating, but it’s not.

Keep vitamins at home and work

You may have a goal of taking your vitamins and supplements each morning, but taking them later is better than not at all. Keep a daily dose in your desk, backpack or purse. When the inevitable facepalm happens upon realizing you forgot, you can remedy the situation immediately.

Two packets of the Nutrilite Women's Pack lie among Artistry products near a makeup case.

Use a pillbox

If you’re taking multiple vitamins each day, set them up in a pill box with compartments for every day of the week and keep it in a visible location. The boxes range from simple plastic snap-tops to high-tech creations with vibrating alarms.

This takes only a few minutes before the start of the work week, far less time than trying to unscrew multiple bottles each morning when you’re running late.

These also have a bonus feature for those who can’t remember whether or not they took their vitamins that day. An empty compartment means you checked it off your list.

Do you have additional ideas for remembering to take your vitamins? Leave a comment and let us know! And read more tips about vitamins and supplements at Amway Connections.


  • Russell says:

    I love that you touched on keeping your vitamins in plain sight around your morning routine items. That way, you will never forget to take them in the mornings. My wife has had some issues with her help and she really needs to make sure she gets all the vitamins her body needs.

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