3 tips to keep your summertime nutrition in check

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Summertime comes with sunshine, plenty of outdoor time, and an abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

But it also comes with its own set of nutritional challenges. With a little planning, you can overcome these and make it your best summer yet.

Sunshine can do a number on your skin

Hitting the beach on a sunny day is the quintessential summer escape. But the cycle of swim, dry in the sun, repeat can damage your skin. Chlorinated pools can also leave your skin feeling dry and tight.

To support your skin health, make sure your diet includes plenty of antioxidants. Reach for strawberries, raspberries, blueberries—any brightly colored fruits and vegetables that pack this nutritional punch.

For even more support, try a supplement like Nutrilite™ Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables. This provides phytonutrients, which are the natural nutrients in vegetables and fruits that give them their vibrant hues. It’s designed to provide the phytonutrient equivalent of more than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.

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Protect your hair

The more time spent in the sun or at the pool can mean dry, damaged hair. A diet rich in protein can help nourish and protect your summer locks. Pick lean meats, beans or legumes, low-fat dairy or other lean sources, like Nutrilite Organics Plant Protein Powder.

Supplements can also help your efforts. Nutrilite Hair, Skin & Nail Health contains Biotin, a B vitamin that may promote healthy hair; L-Cysteine, an amino acid that promotes the formation of keratin, a major protein in hair as well as your skin and nails; and horsetail herb extract, a natural source of silicic acid and silica, traditionally associated with healthy hair and nails*.

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Hydration and electrolytes

You may be spending more time at the water in the summer, but are you drinking enough water? The more time you are spending outside exercising, playing or sweating in the sun, the more attention you need to pay to staying hydrated.

Start your day with a glass of water when you wake up to get yourself on the right path—then keep up the pattern during the day. If you are on the move, make sure to pack water, like the oxygen-rich Perfect Empowered Drinking Water™, which uses a unique purification process to remove contaminants before infusing trace minerals and electrolytes back in.

Need more than water to replenish your body? Try adding XS™ Sports Twist Tubes to your water. The tubes help replace electrolytes your body loses during a hard workout and delivers sugars for a quick burst of energy to your tired muscles.

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Keeping an eye on your warm-weather nutrition can help you enjoy the warmer weather worry-free. Want to learn more about these and other Nutrilite or XS products? Visit the websites below.

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