Summer skin care tips for those sunny days

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How to take care of your skin in summer

Summer is a vibe. Weddings, cookouts, date nights, beach days—chances are you have a few of these on your calendar.

Summer also means more sun and high heat, which means your skin care and beauty needs will change, too. Here’s some advice from the Artistry™ beauty team to protect your skin this summer while also setting yourself up for a beautiful summer glow!

Support your skin from the inside out

First, give your skin a good foundation by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water. A diet rich in colorful fruit and vegetables will provide you with antioxidants and other plant nutrients that will help support your skin health.

Drinking plenty of water is also important for your skin’s health. It helps keep your skin plump and hydrated and helps maintain skin elasticity, which reduces the look of pores. If you don’t get enough, your skin can turn dry, tight and flaky—and more prone to wrinkles!

Fuel your hydration by drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout the day.

A woman with long blonde hair holds a tube of Artistry Studio™ Glow Boss Cleanser + Exfoliator up near her face as she smiles with her eyes closed.

Maintain your skin care routine

Warmer weather means more time out in the elements—including dust and dirt. Make sure to follow your regular skin care routine of cleansing, toning, treating and moisturizing twice a day while also exfoliating at least once a week. This helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

Make it easier by trying a combination product. For a go-to daily cleanser and exfoliator in one, turn to Artistry Studio™ Glow Boss Cleanser + Exfoliator. It exfoliates as it cleans to sweep away impurities and build-up, reviving your skin’s healthy looking glow while leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Go light on makeup

Summer is the time for your SPF-protected, sun-kissed look. You know, that no-makeup makeup look you love to create.

After toning, treating and moisturizing, start with SPF, such as Artistry Exact Fit™ Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer with SPF 35. It primes, perfects and hydrates to instantly improve the look of your skin’s texture and can be used alone for ultra-sheer coverage.

A little eyeliner goes a long way. For those warmer summer days try Artistry Signature Color™ Longwearing Liquid Liner. It’s waterproof and holds up to the heat and humidity. For your lips, opt for a gloss for a lighter color, like your favorite shade of Artistry Signature Color Light Up Lip Gloss.

Set your look and keep yourself cool and dewy with Artistry Studio Hydro-Spritzer Refresher + Protector. Give yourself a quick spritz throughout the day to wake up your skin’s healthy, glowing look.

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Meet your skin’s needs

Does your skin need a little something extra? Choose a moisturizing combination that reduces the appearance of imperfections while still delivering balanced, hydrated skin, such as Artistry Skin Nutrition Balancing Matte Gel Lotion and Artistry Skin Nutrition Hydrating Gel Cream. And don’t forget the Artistry Skin Nutrition Hydrating Eye Gel Cream for those dark circles.

If you have skin that needs repair or is on the drier side, consider Artistry Skin Nutrition Renewing Reactivation Cream and Artistry Skin Nutrition Firming Ultra Lifting Cream. Both of these non-SPF moisturizers do the trick for renewing and firming and they go well with Artistry Skin Nutrition Renewing Reactivation Eye Cream.

Giving your skin the special attention it needs before you start your day will set you up for your perfect summer look. At the very least, make sure you’re starting with sun protection before you walk out the door. The three varieties of Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Day Lotions—hydrating, balancing and renewing/reactivating—all have SPF 30.

A green tube of Artistry Signature Select Hydrating Body Gel is shown on a wooden tray next to other hydrating Artistry products. A hand is reaching for it and the person's legs are in the frame.

Get that glow—head to toe

Halter tops, shorts, sleeveless dresses and bathing suits mean we must take care of ALL of our skin—not just our faces.

It’s important to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize our bodies so our skin can find its all over glow. Artistry Signature Select™ Body products include a cleanser, scrub, cream and lotion for the full body treatment.

And you can add a sunless glow with a self-tanner, like the soon-to-be released Artistry Studio Bottle of Sunshine Self-Tanning Water. It’s super easy to use. Simply spray it on and blend it in for a great sun-kissed look in just a few hours.

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