5 reasons to never sleep with makeup on

A person sits at a makeup table in a bedroom.

We’ve all done it. After a long day at work or a long night on the town—or both—exhaustion leads us to skip our nightly skin care routines and head straight to bed for that sweet, sweet sleep.

That means falling asleep a full face of makeup–foundation, eye shadow, mascara, the works! While it seems like the only option at the time, our skin is paying a price.

From dark circles to breakouts to dullness, here are five reasons why the Artistry™ skincare experts at Amway say snoozing with your makeup on is the furthest thing from beauty sleep.

A young woman bends over a bathroom sink to rinse off her face.

1. Clogged pores & breakouts

Throughout the day our makeup acts like a magnet, holding onto harmful things like pollution or oil and residue from our hands and phones. Leaving that on your face overnight is like an open invitation for bacteria, clogged pores and breakouts.

2. Irritation

While sleeping in eye makeup may sound very rock n’ roll, it’s far from glam. Not only can it irritate the delicate skin around the eye area leading to dark circles and puffiness, if mini-particles make their way into your eyes it can cause redness and even infection.

3. Dry, brittle lashes

If you want lush lashes, leaving them coated in mascara and liner 24/7 is a major no-no. In addition to causing them to become dry and brittle, if eye makeup clogs one of the tiny follicles at the base of your lashes it can lead to pain and inflammation.

Woman in bathroom applying Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Eye Cream before bed.

4. Premature aging

At night your skin goes through a natural recovery process, working to repair itself from any stressors or damage experienced throughout the day, according to Penny Anderson, a principal senior research scientist for Artistry skin care products.

“Leaving your makeup on while you sleep not only slows that process, it increases your skin’s exposure to free radicals and can eventually lead to visible signs of premature aging,” she said.

5. Pores appear larger

Last but not least, while sleeping in your makeup may not immediately cause enlarged pores, it can certainly look that way as dirt left in the pores makes them more noticeable and appear instantly larger.

Bottom line: Take a few minutes to properly prep your skin before bed. At the very least, stash makeup-removing towelettes in your bedside table and literally wipe the day away in seconds.


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