What is a serum? Decoding this skincare essential

A bottle of Artistry Signature Select Serum lies on a counter next to a hydration amplifier and a brightening amplifier.

You’ve probably heard of skin serums before, even if you haven’t used them. Or maybe you use a serum, but you’re not quite clear on what exactly it is.

Serums are an important step in your skincare routine, and understanding what they are and what they do can help you better pinpoint your skin’s needs and select the right serum.

Let’s break down some common questions about these skin care powerhouses.

What is a serum?

Serums are formulated to penetrate deep into the skin’s surface layers to deliver treatment, which makes them particularly useful for treating concerns like wrinkles. Certain formulas can even supercharge your skin’s moisture in addition to your regular moisturizer.

“Serums are the most powerful skincare formulas,” says Amway Principal Research Scientist Jason Rothouse. “They generally contain the highest concentration of ingredients, technology and efficacy.”

A jar of Artistry Hydra-V Replenishing Moisture Cream and a bottle of Artistry Signature Select Personalized Serum sit on a small white tray on a marble counter.

Is a serum a moisturizer?

Kind of, but not really. A serum can be used in addition to a moisturizer to add extra hydration, but they aren’t as rich as a regular moisturizer. Plus, a serum won’t seal in products like a good moisturizer.

But serums can also target in other skin concerns, such as brightening, anti-aging, firming or spot correction.

When do I use a serum?

Apply your serum after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing. Some serums can be used every day, while others should only be used a few times a week to avoid irritation. Follow the instructions on your specific product.

Do I need a serum?

Maybe you’re happy with your skin care using just a cleanser and moisturizer with not much else in between. But if you have specific concerns you want to target, like wrinkles or dryness, a serum is a great addition to your routine.

Artistry Signature Select Personalized Serum with Anti-Spot, Anti-Wrinkle and Firming amplifiers.

Do I need multiple serums?

Yes and no. That depends on your skin’s needs. Some people are just looking to address one specific issue and don’t need more than one serum. Others want to treat multiple skin concerns and need products that reflect that.

If layering on multiple serums sounds like too much work, try out Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum. Instead of applying multiple serums, you simply select up to three concentrated Amplifiers that best target your unique skin concerns (hydration, brightening, anti-wrinkle, firming or anti-spot) and mix them into the Base Serum for your own personalized product.

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If you’re looking for supercharged skin treatment, give serums a try. With so many options available, you’re sure to find one perfect for your skin.

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