Rick DiCecca on the signature Parisian look: Effortless

A smiling woman sporting the classic French look cross the street in Paris.

“Effortless, minimal, lit-from-within luminous and understated.”

After a career in the makeup industry that has included quite a bit more than a few trips to Paris, that’s how makeup artist Rick DiCecca describes the beauty of the classic Parisian look.

“The signature of the Parisian style is its soft definition, luminous skin and perfect lip color,” said Rick, creative director of makeup design for the Artistry beauty brand.

On location in Paris

Rick made a special trip to Paris recently to demonstrate makeup from the Artistry Studio™ Parisian Style Edition, the same collection he used at New York Fashion Week in February.

The trip gave him a fresh take on the beauty found in the City of Lights.

“On their eyes, Parisian women often apply a nude skin tone shade that has a subtle luminosity or metallic finish, to add just a hint of shimmer,” Rick said.

“And, in my experience, Parisian women either wear a nude lip shade to accentuate their natural lip color, or a classic bright shade, such as red.”

A woman is multimasking with Artistry Signature Select Masks. She has the purifying mask on her T-zone, the brightening mask under her eyes, on her cheeks and on her chin, and the firming mask on her jaw and neck.

It starts with skincare

The starting point for that Parisian beauty is a good skincare routine, Rick said, helping them achieve that signature lit-from-within skin.

He offers three main skincare tips.

1. Cleanse nightly

“This means meticulously cleaning their skin before bedtime each night,” Rick said.

Skipping the bedtime cleansing routine allows dirt from air pollution, dead skin cells and oil to build up and contribute to blemishes.

2. Use a mask

Rick recommends using a mask once or twice a week to ensure your skin is hydrated, exfoliated and treated for any skin concerns you might have. There are several new Artistry masks to choose from.

3. Prep well

Make sure your skincare regimen has all the products you need to properly prepare your skin for the look you’re trying to achieve, Rick said.

That starts with cleansing, toning, treating and moisturizing. And, depending on your skin and preferences, it could mean Artistry Exact Fit™ Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer, Artistry Ideal Radiance™ Illuminating CC Cream or your favorite Artistry foundation.

Artistry Exact Fit Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer, Artistry Exact Fit 24hr Long Wearing Foundation and Artistry Exact Fit Loose powder lie next to each other.

Learn more

Whatever product you choose to prepare your skin for that signature Parisian look, once you’ve applied it you’re ready to achieve that subtle shimmer on the eye paired with an understated nude lip or a bold pop of color – whatever fits your personal preference.

As long as you carry yourself with confidence, you’ll feel like you’re walking down the Champs-Élysées in real life.

To see more of Rick’s tips as well as some of the looks he’s created with Artistry makeup, visit AmwayConnections.com. To learn more about the Artistry Studio™ Parisian Style Edition and other Artistry beauty products, visit the websites for Amway US and Amway Canada.

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