Protect Your Most Delicate Skin

A confident woman is comfortable in her own skin — and maintaining a healthy, rejuvenated appearance is the first step. But not all skin care products are equal. Only a truly unique formulation can adequately address sensitive and delicate areas, particularly around the eyes, where skin is thinner and more susceptible to damage.

Aging effects are more dramatic in the eye area, and often begin at a younger age. Both “extrinsic” factors (like sun exposure and pollution), and everyday “intrinsic” factors (like making facial expressions and rubbing your eyes) may have a dramatic impact on appearance.

ARTISTRY Crème LuXury Eye uses the latest in scientific discoveries to not only hydrate and protect skin — but to repair and restore, providing a 360O transformation. Use it both day and night, and watch as your eye area becomes energized and transformed — allowing for a more vibrant and healthy first impression.

ARTISTRY Crème LuXury Eye is designed to:

  • Increase firmness and elasticity for more supple skin around eyes.
  • Lift and sculpt the upper eye area, for a more healthful appearance.
  • Reduce saggy skin, puffiness, and dark circles to enhance appearance of energy and vitality.
  • Increase firmness and elasticity.
  • Soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the under-eye area.

ARTISTRY Crème LuXury Eye offers visible results — replenishing delicate skin for a more youthful appearance. It is the definitive solution to addressing both extrinsic and intrinsic aging factors, and improving the visible signs of aging in the eye area for the woman who desires the most benefits in one luxurious creme.

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