Flower Power! Anti-Aging Skin Cream with Gardenia Grandiflora

In many ways life is based around the perfect, intrinsic rhythm of nature. Without prompting, the seasons change, flowers and plants grow and bloom, and we adjust our clothing, schedules, even the food we eat to match nature’s cues. Daily, we wake and sleep based on the rising and setting of the sun.

And while plants function this way, centuries of study revealed that their natural daily cycle is built in, maintaining a perfect 24-hour rhythm independent of the sun! Knowing this, it makes sense that Artistry™ scientists would look to nature for an anti-aging ingredient to help resynchronize and boost skin’s natural renewal. They found it in the beautiful gardenia grandiflora.

Why the gardenia grandiflora?

Gardenias contain powerful natural rejuvenating properties. Each flower has elements that respond to environmental, physical and biological stressors, giving it amazing regenerative powers valuable in any anti-aging skin product.

When developing Artistry Supreme LX cream and eye cream, scientists sought to pinpoint the source of gardenia grandiflora’s regenerative properties. They identified the flower’s stem cells.

Stem cells and anti-aging

“A plant’s stem cells are ideal anti-aging ingredients because they’re the origin of its vitality, and they never age,” explained John Scimeca, skincare scientist for the Artistry brand.

Working with a leader in stem cell technology, Artistry scientists created an environmentally sensitive and highly sustainable process for obtaining the botanical extracts. This helps ensure the consistency and stability of the anti-aging ingredient, while delivering the quality and performance proven in the Artistry Supreme LX Collection.

Scimeca adds, “The extract helps your skin get back in synch, essentially resetting its natural clock so it can repair and protect itself more effectively, and ultimately look and act years younger.”

Harness the natural power of the gardenia grandiflora

It’s time to help your skin look younger with the powerful, anti-aging properties of the gardenia grandiflora – the key ingredient in the Artistry Supreme LX collection.

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