Men’s Skin Care: The Order of Use for Artistry Men

With Artistry Men skin care, expert formulas deliver the personal skin excellence men demand. These products are easily integrated into any man’s routine by following this order of use.

Application of Artistry Men Skin Care Products

Artistry Men Gentle Face Wash

Dispense a 2 centimeter strip onto wet hands and create a lather; massage over wet face, then rinse with warm water.

Artistry Men Smooth Shave Foam

Wet beard with warm water. Shake can well and dispense a golf ball-sized amount into hand. Then, massage foam evenly through beard. Shave and rinse thoroughly.

As a pre-shave with electric shaver:

Pour a coin-size amount in palm of hand and apply over face and neck. Allow to dry before shaving, and reapply after shaving for maximum benefit.

Artistry Men Post Shave Toner

Pour a coin-size amount in palm of hand and apply over face and neck.

Artistry Men Serum Concentrate

Dispense 2-3 pumps into palm of hand; use fingertips to apply serum to face with an upward, massaging motion and focus on expression areas (around eyes, forehead.)

Artistry Men Facial Moisturizer

Dispense a small coin-sized amount into palm of hand; massage over face and neck, avoiding immediate eye area.

Morning Order of Use, with Razor


Morning Order of Use, with Electric Shaver


Evening Order of Use


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