It’s True: Men’s Skin is Different

Men and women are biologically different – and so are their skin care needs. For men to look as successful as they feel, they need to use products that are designed for their specific skin care needs. So what does that mean? We’ve done the research to tell you.

How Men’s Skin is Unique

Extensive research was conducted through the use of Artistry F.A.C.E.S. data, the brand’s propriety skin knowledgebase. Results showed that, although structurally similar, men’s skin has several unique characteristics:

Testosterone Levels

Due to increased levels of testosterone, men’s sebaceous glands are more active and produce higher levels of sebum/oil. Thus, in general, men’s skin tends to be more oily and shiny.

Moisture Factor

Although men’s skin can overproduce oil from within, it can also be dry on the surface. Men tend to have lower levels of Natural Moisture Factor, causing their skin to be more prone to dryness.

Barrier Function

Men’s skin is more sensitive to damage, as its barrier function is disrupted during shaving. This makes men’s skin more prone to dryness through moisture loss.

Environmental Threats

Skin is regularly exposed to environmental threats including pollution, UV from the sun, and wind. This can cause free radical activity that can accelerate the skin aging process.

New Skin Care Technology, Formulated for Success

In response to these discoveries, Amway scientists created DermaSync™ Complex. “Men’s skin can overproduce oil from within yet be dry on the surface,” notes Amway Principal Research Scientist Rick Abbott. So men need special care for oily skin, but they need hydration at the same time.

DermaSync Complex leverages high-performance ingredients to resolve both issues by giving men’s skin exactly what it needs to look its best and resist visible aging.

– Rick Abbott, Amway Prinicipal Research Scientist

“After four weeks of use, men in clinical studies showed an up to 56.2 percent reduction in facial oil production and an up to 83.4 percent increase in moisturization.”*

*After using the Artistry Men Gentle Face Wash, Smooth Shave Foam, Post Shave Toner, Serum Concentrate, and Facial Moisturizer.

Now Available: ARTISTRY Men

DermaySync Complex is the key to a new, scientifically advanced skin care line from Artistry. Artistry Men offers a full range of products to effectively address men’s unique needs.

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  • Pua says:

    This is sooo awesome … I’m super excited that Artistry will be offering a full range of skin care products to address men’s unique needs

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