Beauty gifts: Ideas to make holiday shopping easier

A lit candle sits near Artistry Skin Nutrition products and a cup of tea.

Looking for the best beauty gifts?

Holiday shopping can often be stressful and this year brings some extra pandemic-related challenges.

All the more reason to shop early and consider buying from places that don’t have the same supply chain issues being faced by malls and big box stores. That includes locally owned boutiques or your friendly neighborhood direct seller, especially when it comes to beauty gifts.

Also, many places bundle products to create beautifully packaged gift sets that are sure to bring a smile to whoever receives them. Need some suggestions? Here are some great gift ideas for the beauty lover in your life.

2021 Artistry Skin Nutrition Freshest Face Forward Renewing Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set

Skin care routine gift ideas

No matter what type of skin someone has, they can benefit from one of the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Mini Gift Sets created just for the holidays. The mini gift sets include the must-haves for your core skin care routine: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Choose from four collections: balancing, hydrating, renewing and firming.

The balancing collection is a gentle formula that focuses on decreasing oil and shine without over drying. The hydrating collection has lightweight formulas that deliver supercharged hydration to illuminate dry skin and help maintain its elasticity.

The renewing collection offers advanced Artistry™ anti-aging technology that reduces the look of lines and discoloration, and firming provides firming and lifting technology to address the visible signs of aging, including deep wrinkles, sagging and sallowness.

As an extra perk, each set comes with an Artistry™ Gua Sha Stone for the ultimate in self-care! It’s a relaxing way to help soothe facial muscles, address visible puffiness and energize the skin.

Artistry Studio™ The Polished Pout Lip Exfoliator + Conditioner and the Artistry Studio™ The Pampered Pout Lip Balm + Overnight Mask lie on a pink counter. A candle, bracelets and earrings are nearby.

Lip care gift ideas

Whether it’s the biting cold outside or the dry heat inside, lips will definitely need some extra TLC this season, which means lip care makes a great holiday gift. The Artistry Studio™ Pampered Perfection Gift Set features two favorite, lip-loving products.

It includes the The Polished Pout Lip Exfoliator + Conditioner, a minty daily lip smoother that diminishes the sign of lip lines and perfectly preps the lips for that day’s chosen color. That’s complemented by the The Pampered Pout Lip Balm + Overnight Mask, which plumps and smooths dry lips, restoring moisture overnight or even throughout the day.

The gift set includes a bonus hair tie so those with long hair can ensure their lovely locks are pulled back in time for any mistletoe moments!

Artistry Studio Dazzling Lash Duo Set featuring Artistry Studio™ Mascara Base Primer and Artistry Studio™ Lash Boosting 3-in-1 Mascara

Eye makeup gift ideas

Fluttery lashes are still where it’s at, but you don’t have to resort to false eyelashes or eyelash extensions to get them. If you know someone who loves a long lash, consider the Artistry Studio Dazzling Lash Duo Gift Set.

The combination of the Artistry Studio Mascara Base Primer and the Artistry Studio Lash Boosting 3-in-1 Mascara will add length and thickness to even the lightest of lashes. In fact, using the products together adds over 80% more volume to lashes while also providing a conditioning treatment so they look and feel healthier.

The person receiving this gift will feel good knowing their eyes will be popping in all their holiday selfies! Like the lip care gift set, this also comes with a bonus hair tie and it comes in its own gift box—no wrapping needed!

A bottle of Artistry Studio Glow-Tini Cocktail Booster Glow Maker + Hydrator lies open on a lavender background.

Extra skin care gift ideas

Many people will buy themselves what they need for a regular skin care routine, but they may be reluctant to indulge in some of the extra treatments out there. That makes those skin care extras a perfect gift idea!

Skin care masks are always a hit, like the Artistry Studio Every Day I’m Bubblin’ Cleanser + Skin Invigorator scented sheet masks. Each sheet contains carbonated, effervescing bubbles that energize the skin and senses. Each pack includes three masks: a lavender scented one and two rose scented.

Artistry Studio Hydro-Spritzer Refresher + Protector is another treat, especially as dry winter weather descends or for people who have to wear a mask all day. Use it in the morning as a setting spray for your makeup. Then throw it in your bag to keep with you. When you need a boost, break out the spritz and give your face a quick hydration pick-me-up!

Artistry Studio Glow-Tini Cocktail Booster Glow Maker + Hydrator is a serum infused with hyaluronic acid to instantly hydrate and moisturize your skin. It also acts as an everyday face brightener by bathing your skin in a subtle glow that will have people wondering how you can look so radiant.

That extra sparkle is just what people are looking for around the holidays!

A bottle of Artistry Flora Chic Eau de Parfum Spray and Artistry Men Unknown lie on their sides on a surface surrounded by ribbons.

Fragrance gift ideas

Fragrance, whether perfume, cologne, pencils or essential oils, is one of the most versatile gifts you can give. It goes with any outfit and no matter what size you wear, it will always fit! Plus, it’s another item that people rarely buy for themselves.

So give them a treat! Consider Artistry Flora Chic™ Eau de Parfum Spray or Artistry Men Unknown™ Eau de Parfum Spray for that special someone in your life.

Or, if you just need a little stocking stuffer, look to the Artistry Studio™ Perfume Pencil or n* by Nutrilite™ Essential Oil Blends, compact and portable scents that can be easily reapplied throughout the day no matter where you are.

An added bonus: The n* by Nutrilite™ Essential Oil Blends are formulated for specific effects. The Rays for Days – Sunny Topical Essential Oil Blend is designed to help soothe and support a healthy mood, Focus! – Topical Essential Oil Blend helps you get centered to get your work done and Sweet Dreams – Sleep Topical Essential Oil Blend can help you wind down from the stresses of the day.

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These ideas should be enough to put a big dent in your gift list. It’s OK to include yourself on your list, too. Go ahead, get some to give and some to keep!

To learn more about these products and others that are sure to make someone happy, click on the links below. And for more great blogs about beauty, read more at Amway Connections.

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