Artistry Clean Beauty: A global collaboration

One of the Artistry Skin Nutrition scientists talks about the products with Amway North America Managing Director Andrew Schmit, Kelli Templeton and Marisa Grosnickle.

Companies usually find success when they listen to their customers. That is something the Artistry™ beauty brand has always prided itself on.

So when their customers started calling for clean beauty products that were safe for people and the planet without sacrificing quality, the Artistry team accepted that challenge.

Clean beauty skin care research 

That triggered a massive research study, gathering data and insight from the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, China and Turkey through focus groups and surveys.

“This was the largest beauty research study that we had ever conducted,” said Marisa Grossnickle, who at the time was global brand manager for Artistry but now focuses on North America. “We had over six thousand respondents globally.”

The Artistry team of scientists and researchers also went to work, using the latest academic research on molecular aging while tapping into the Artistry Global Facial Image Database with information on skin conditions and challenges from tens of thousands of people in 12 countries across the world.

Containers of Artistry Skin Nutrition Renewing and Firming products lie on a surface surrounded by their botanical ingredients.

As the two teams worked together, a stunning insight became more and more clear: It’s not the actual age of a skin cell that matters, but the cell’s healthiness. Healthier cells look and act more youthful, regardless of their age. And unlike age, which you cannot change, health is an area you can do something about.

The research also revealed that because skin is a mix of healthy cells that need prevention to stay healthy, and unhealthy cells that need repair to return to health, an ideal product will address the needs of both. This is different from the traditional skincare approach of addressing just one or the other.

The scientists zeroed in on ingredients that are powerful in their own right but show an even more powerful synergistic effect when used together. This led to the discovery of a new way to improve the healthy look of skin with key botanical complexes, that self-adjust to both prevent and repair to improve the skin’s unhealthy appearance.

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Pomegranate, white chia and spinach, key ingredients in Artistry Skin Nutrition, are showing coming out of test tubes.

Beauty team effort

Marisa led the study with then Vice President of Global Beauty Kelli Templeton, working with their teams and Market Research to bring it all together. It started in 2017 and hit a milestone this year with the relaunch of the Artistry brand and the release of the new Artistry Skin Nutrition™ collection and the new Artistry Clean Guidelines.

Born from innovative skin research and ingredients grown on Nutrilite™ farms, Artistry Skin Nutrition products follow Artistry Clean Guidelines. That includes being Certified Vegan from the Vegan Society and skipping ingredients on the Artistry Clean Beauty Ingredient No List—things that will never be used in Artistry products. It also means prioritizing plant nutrients from the botanicals found on the Artistry Clean Beauty Ingredient Yes List.

“It’s pretty amazing to see a line you poured your heart and soul into come full circle,” said Kelli, who is now chief marketing officer for Amway North America. “From researching the concept together in global beauty to teaming up in North America to launch this collection, Marisa and I worked hard to bring products without compromises to market.”

Kelli Templeton, Marisa Grossnickle, Andrew Schmidt and an Artistry scientist pose for a photo holding Artistry Skin Nutrition products.

Kelli Templeton, Marisa Grossnickle, Andrew Schmidt and Artistry Senior Principal Research Scientist Louise Schneider.

Learn more 

The Artistry Skin Nutrition hydrating and balancing collections were released earlier this year and they will be joined this month by renewing and firming products. The collections include cleansers, toners, creams and lotions.

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