Artistry Skin Care: This Is a Test – Will You Pass?

Here at Artistry, we like to remind all of you beauties about how to safely and correctly use your skin care products and systems. Think you have it down pat? Here are a few questions for you. See how you’d answer before you read Artistry’s answers.

Q: In which order are you supposed to use and apply your skin care system (like cleanser, treatment products, moisturizer and toner)?

A: Cleanser, Toner, Treatment Products, Moisturizer, in that order. It’s a common misconception that you should apply your treatment products last. It’s actually more beneficial to apply treatment products prior to moisturizer, as the moisturizer seals in the treatment product where it is needed.A_Essentials-145x300

Q: Which finger should you be using to apply your eye cream? (Yes, there’s a “right” finger!)

A: It’s your ring finger! While it’s a great deal easier to dab your pointer finger into your product and rub it in, the skin around your eye is thin, and your ring finger is the weakest, and thus, creates the lightest touch for dabbing and blending in the cream. This will be much less likely to cause premature aging from tugging and pulling.

Q: Should you skip moisturizer if you have oily or acne prone skin?

A: NO WAY! Dry, flaky skin and clogged pores are a huge irritant to acne and a cause of oil overproduction. If your skin is exceptionally oily, use a light or oil control lotion if you’d like. Just please don’t skip moisturizer!

Q: Should you wash your face every night, even if you didn’t wear much makeup that day?

A: Absolutely! It is 100% necessary to wash your face clean of makeup, even on light wear days.  Sleeping with your makeup still applied not only clogs your delicate pores, but it causes premature aging.  It also makes your pillow case chock full of bacteria, which is sure to haunt you during your next night of z’s. Carefully and thoroughly wash your pretty face every night!

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