Artistry Men: Skin Care Formulated For Success

Scientific research tells us that men’s skin is unique in that it overproduces oil in its deepest layers, while remaining dry at the surface. That means, to feel and look their best, men need a unique skin care routine.

Introducing Artistry Men

The Artistry Men Collection optimizes the modern man’s skincare regimen. It’s formulated to perform with technology specialized to a man’s skin and a signature packaging aesthetic that speaks to his strength and style.

– Maud Pansing, Amway™ Vice President of Global Beauty

Artistry Men offers a complete range of facial products designed just for men who want an effective, advanced care routine to make their skin look and feel healthier. Each Artistry Men product features cutting-edge technology in our own DermaSync™ Complex.

What’s DermaSync Complex?

DermaSync Complex is exclusive to Artistry Men. It offers a unique blend of targeted ingredients for a two-phase approach to restoring and moisturizing skin for a noticeably youthful look:

  • Phase One/Oil Control: Controls excess oil production in skin’s deepest layers, to help prevent shine.
  • Phase Two/Moisture Management: Deeply hydrates and helps to improve the skin’s moisture barrier function at the surface, to lock in vital nutrients and hydration.

After four weeks of use, men in clinical studies showed an up to 56.2 percent reduction in facial oil production and an up to 83.4 percent increase in moisturization.*

– Rick Abbott, Amway Principal Research Scientist

*After using the Artistry Men Gentle Face Wash, Smooth Shave Foam, Post Shave Toner, Serum Concentrate and Facial Moisturizer.

Additional Exclusive Ingredients

Artistry Men offers even more exclusive ingredients in many of the collection’s formulas, to improve skin condition, including:

  • An NMF Liposome — directs essential lipids (Ceramide 3, Lecithin, and Beta-Sitosterol), plus natural humectants deep into the skin, where they’re needed most
  • Horse Chestnut Complex, and a Shiso and Aloe Complex — to reduce shaving irritation and redness
  • Our own Micro X6 Peptide — to nourish skin and help diminish the look of fine lines
  • Oat Extract — to exfoliate and keep skin feeling smooth

What does the Artistry Men Collection include?

Unlike its Artistry skin care counterparts, the Artistry Men Collection offers a five-step skincare regimen – with an additional shave step:

The results? A cleaner, fresher feeling that helps you face each day with confidence.

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