Why fragrance is the perfect invisible accessory

A bottle of Artistry Flora Chic sits on a reflective table next to a gold watch and a pink high-heeled shoe. Fragrance is the invisible accessory.

It’s the daily fashion routine: Choose an outfit and accessorize appropriately, whether it’s jewelry, a scarf, pocket square, shoes or handbag.

While your options for accessories may be limited by what will work with the colors and textures the outfit, there is another accessory that will work no matter what you’re wearing: perfume or cologne.

Some people don’t leave the house without a spritz of their signature scent, while others wear fragrance only on special occasions. Here are a few reasons why you might consider making perfume or cologne your must-have fashion accessory.

A bottle of Artistry Men unknown Eau de Parfum sits on a motorcycle on top of riding gloves. Different fragrances work for different occasions.

Fragrance evokes memories

How often does a scent cross your path and immediately transport you to another time, another place or another person? That’s because the sense of smell is strongly connected to memory.

Consciously or not, you likely chose your favorite scent because it triggered some positive memory in you.

Marypierre Julien, a senior perfumer for Fine Fragrance House of Givaudan, which designed the distinctive and exclusive Artistry Flora Chic™ Eau de Parfum, said it was that connection that led her to the perfume industry.

“I was always intrigued by smell,” she said, “from my mother’s cooking, to the scent of lavender on my grandmother’s sundried linens. I love the memories that a fragrance can evoke.”

Celine Barel, the perfumer at the prestigious fragrance house of IFF who created Artistry Men unknown™ Eau de Parfum, said your scent could have that effect on others, too.

“I love fragrance because it creates a memorable moment, and helps people to remember you,” she said.

A woman puts a bottle of Artistry Flora Chic Eau de Parfum into a small clutch for a night on the town.

Fragrance is versatile

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing muted tones or vibrant colors, or whether you’re in jeans and a t-shirt to run some errands or a little black dress for a night on the town—fragrance will complement any attire.

“Fragrance is for every day,” Celine said. “It is a great gesture to start the day—and can instantly refresh you for night, wherever you go.”

Fragrance is one-size fits all

Your favorite fragrance doesn’t care if you have an apple body type and shop in the petite section, or an hour-glass figure limited to special-order tall sizes.

It will always fit you!

Six different perfume bottles grouped together. It's fun to own more than one fragrance.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one

Do you only have one scarf? One pair of shoes? One pair of earrings? One tie? Not likely. Just like all accessories, it’s fun to choose from a selection to fit the occasion.

When it comes to perfumes or colognes, maybe you have a fresh springy scent for summer and a warm comforting scent for winter.

Or the scent you choose for a day of hanging out with friends might be different from what you choose for a romantic evening with your significant other.

A man applies Artistry Men unknown Eau de Parfum. Fragrance is the invisible accessory.

Learn more

Like with other accessories, there is the risk of overdoing it. Read Marypierre’s expert tips on the best way to apply and store your favorite fragrances to deliver the right amount of scent.

Considering the connection between an aroma and memories, we would all do well to heed her advice for a light touch to avoid overpowering those around us.

To learn more about Artistry Flora Chic™ or Artistry Men unknown™, visit the websites for Amway US or Amway Canada.

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