What’s the best lip color for you? Artistry’s Rick DiCecca tells all to Yahoo! Vida Y Estilo

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There are lipstick shades in every color of the rainbow, but how do you know which one is for you? Which one will best complement your skin, hair and outfit and really take your look to the next level?

It can be overwhelming, but professional makeup designers have their go-to tips to make the decision easier. Yahoo Vida y Estilo en Español recently interviewed some to get their take, including Artistry™ Creative Director of Makeup Design Rick DiCecca.

Artistry Creative Director of Makeup Design Rick DiCecca applies makeup to a model while other makeup artists watch at New York Fashion Week.

Ask the experts

The experts told Vida Y Estilo that the first step to selecting your perfect shade is determining your skin’s undertone—cool, warm or neutral—and Rick provided a simple way to figure that out: Look at your jewelry.

If you are drawn to silver and white metals, your tone is cool, he told the publication. If you always wear gold, then you probably have a warm tone. And if you enjoy wearing a combination of gold and silver, you’re more of a neutral tone, he said.

Beyond lipstick

Rick shared that wisdom with Amway Connections in an earlier blog. Click here to see how you use your skin’s undertone and intensity (lightness or darkness) to determine your perfect shade of not only lipstick, but clothing, too.

While Rick suggests looking at your jewelry to find your undertone, he points to milk, cream, tea, chocolate and coffee to identify your skin’s intensity.

Learn more

To see what other makeup artists had to say about lip color, as well as what shades would look best on some big name celebrities, read the complete Vida Y Estilo article. And to see the latest Artistry lip colors available, visit Amway.com or Amway.ca.

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