Beat the heat with these summer makeup tips

A woman smiles at the camera while sipping a tropical drink in the summer heat. Her makeup is sweat-proof.

It’s easier to have fun in the sun when you’re not worrying about your makeup melting in the summer heat.

How do you get sweat-proof makeup? Rick DiCecca, creative director of makeup design for Artistry™ products in North America, offers these tips to help make sure the look you left the house with is the one that comes home that night.

Summer skin care: Exfoliate

Before you even think about your makeup, you need to think about your skin, Rick said.

“In the summertime, our cell turnover speeds up, so it’s important to exfoliate,” he said, recommending regular use of masks or peels, such as the mask collection from Artistry™ or the Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel. You could also use a combination product, such as Artistry Studio™ Glow Boss Cleanser + Exfoliator, which exfoliates as it cleans.

“That’s something you want to do on a regular basis to keep the dead skin off,” he said. “If your skin is smooth and you’ve gotten rid of all that biological debris, your makeup goes on 100 percent better.”

Artistry Exact Fit Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer, Artistry Exact Fit 24hr Long Wearing Foundation, and Artistry Exact Fit Loose powder with product textures on a white background.

Best foundation for summer

The best foundation starts with what’s underneath it, Rick said. In the summer that means a few less products, especially if you have oily skin. Too many layers of product could mean your makeup will be sliding off in the sweat and sun.

“For example, if you use a serum, moisturizer and eye cream, keep the serum, but instead of moisturizer try a BB cream, like Artistry Exact Fit™ Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer,” he said. “That will help set your makeup and it does a bit of hydrating.”

When it comes to the foundation, Rick suggests Artistry Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation or Artistry Exact Fit Powder Foundation.

The Longwearing Foundation is liquid and lasts for up to 24 hours, locking in color through heat, humidity and activity. After you apply foundation, use a puff to apply an ample amount of powder to let the makeup set, he said.

“The Powder Foundation has a quality that we call hydrophobic—it’s afraid of water,” Rick said. “And to really get the benefit of that quality, use a sponge to apply it, not a brush. The sponge will give you a finish that will stay more water proof and last longer during the day.”


Summer makeup: Eyeliner

If you use a typical pencil eyeliner in the summer heat, chances are it will not stay put. You may apply it to the top of your eye, but before long it’s underneath your eye and possibly running down your cheek.

If you want to stick with a pencil, Rick said, try the Artistry Signature Color™ Longwearing Eye Pencil. Apply it on a dry lid and set it with loose powder.

Even better, Rick said, switch to a liquid liner, like Artistry Signature Color™ Longwearing Liquid Liner, which has 24-hour staying power.

“You can put it on in the morning and you don’t have to worry about it until you get home at night,” he said. “It’s humidity proof.”

If you’re not a fan of the precise line of a liquid liner, dab a cotton swab over it after applying, he said. “That sort of blurs the lines and make it look more like a pencil.”

Summer makeup: Blush

When faced with heat and humidity, powder formulations generally perform better than cream, Rick said. But for cheeks, he recommends the cream-powder formulation of Artistry Studio™ Cheek & Lip Duos.

“They have an amazing formulation that is actually a little bit humidity proof,” he said. “It’s good to layer it on while the foundation is still damp, before your powder. Then really powder it down with loose powder and follow up with a powder blush layer, which keeps it on longer.”

Three different Artistry Studio Cheek & Lip Duo are laid out with their colors displayed in the background.

Summer makeup: Lips

Lip pencils are key to long lasting color in the summer, Rick said.

“Line the lips and then fill them in with the liner,” he said. “Use the pencil like a base. That keeps the color on longer.”

Summer makeup: Makeup setting spray

Setting spray is another way to prevent your makeup from melting. The product is designed to help preserve your makeup for hours, through heat and humidity.

Rick recommends Artistry Studio™ Makeup Setting Spray, which provides a boost of hydration along with its staying power.

“It’s another step to set everything and keep it in place,” Rick said.

Summer makeup: Blotting paper, tissue

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you will start to glisten in the summer heat or your oily skin will shine through. To preserve youArtistry Creative Director of Makeup Design Rick DiCeccar makeup and avoid multiple layers of powder, use blotting paper to absorb the moisture.

“It’s best to remove the moisture,” Rick said. “Instead of wiping, blotting it is much better and it helps to keep your makeup on longer. You can also do the same thing with a tissue.”

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