Summer Beauty: Get Inspired By Your Surroundings

Summer Beauty Inspired By Your Surroundings

Beautiful weather, flowers and scenery: there is no reason why you cannot draw your summer beauty inspiration from around you! There is nothing like a garden full of fresh blooms or a crystal blue lake to soak in. Why not use these vibrant shades to create your own unique summer look?

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The look of lilacs and lilies

There’s not much in this world that can boost me up like a whiff of a lilac bush or lilies on a summer day.

Take the vibrant lilac shade and apply it to your eye look!

Brush Artistry® Eye Color in Eclipse over your lid, and highlight your brow bone with a swipe of Artistry® Eye Color in Silk. You’ll perfectly capture a stroll past your favorite garden in just a few strokes.

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The drama of sunsets

An incredible blend of pinks and golds against the horizon, summer sunsets exude beauty and drama.

Capture this evening magic on your lips!

Are you a subtle, sheer shimmer kind of girl? Sweep on a layer of shimmery pink glamour. Try Artistry® Lip Gloss Sheer Coverage in Pink Sapphire.

If you like a bolder look, try Artistry® Lip Color in Amuse, which combines both the pinks and golds that you admire.

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The flush of exuberance

A flushed cheek is a sure sign of a successful summer outing!

Use a warm, sun-kissed blush to mimic this look.

Using the fluffiest of blush brushes, swirl on a light coating of Artistry® Cheek Color in Sun Kissed over the apples of your cheeks. This naturally finished, warm blush will make you feel like you stepped inside after a day on the sand!

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