NYFW February 2016: Behind The Scenes With Artistry

New York Fashion Week was a success! Artistry continued our partnership with Pamella Roland as her official 2016 makeup sponsor. On February 12, Artistry graced the faces of models in Pamella’s Fall 2016 collection show.

What is New York Fashion Week (NYFW)?

Pamella Roland February 2016

NYFW is one of the events where fashion’s top designers present their upcoming collections in shows. The city holds two 8-day long Fashion Weeks every year – one in February, and one in September. More than 230,000 people attend shows as part of the city’s two annual Fashion Weeks.

What was the Artistry look?

NYFW February 2016 Face Chart

The makeup for this season was inspired by Tokyo Architecture.

-Pamella Roland

The look, created by Artistry Global Makeup Artist, Rick DiCecca, used neutral colors for face and lip, but added drama around the eyes. “The unique use of eye liner mirrors the collection’s structural motifs and adds a dramatic flair to an otherwise neutral face and lip,” explained Roland.

The result? A clean, modern look.

What was it like behind the scenes?

Rick DiCecca Artistry NYFW

Models, hair stylists, and makeup artists fill the backstage area during NYFW. While behind the scenes was chaotic, Rick DiCecca still took the opportunity to teach Amway IBO’s techniques as they assisted with creating the Artistry look for Pamella Roland’s show. Their passion and motivation for Artistry created a high energy environment backstage!

Amway looks forward to Spring 2017 NYFW and the collections to be shown in the fall!

Discover The Beauty of NYFW

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