New York Fashion Week (NYFW) February ‘16: Get The Look


Want to get the season’s hottest, most sophisticated beauty looks, but aren’t sure how? With a pop of elegant hues, plus a few insider tips from the pros, you can achieve a runway-ready look that’s perfect for a special occasion!

Fashion designer Pamella Roland shared that, “The makeup for this season was inspired by Tokyo Architecture. The unique use of eye liner mirrors the collections structural motifs and adds a dramatic flair to an otherwise neutral face and lip.”

Artistry makes it easy!

Artistry Global Makeup Artist Rick DiCecca created this dramatic look for the models who participated in the Pamella Roland show at New York Fashion Week! And now, we’re sharing all the steps you need to get this look at home, without having to hire a professional.

What you’ll need


Get the look!

We’ve broken the steps down into four easy segments, so you can learn how to do it in just minutes!



  • First, prepare the skin with Hydra-V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate and Hydra-V Refreshing Gel for an ultimate base of hydration.
  • Add Artistry Hydra-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream near the eyes to moisturize this delicate skin.
  • Next, create the perfect canvas for color by applying Artistry Exact Fit Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer to the full face, to perfect and prime skin.
  • Then create a smooth, uniform surface by adding Artistry Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation and Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder onto the face, starting in the center of the face and applying the foundation in a circular motion, blending towards the hairline. For minor adjustments, use the Artistry Concealer Stick to even out the surface.


  • First, apply Eye Shadow #1 in pale, golden beige from the Artistry Spicy Bronze Eye Shadow Quad over the entire eye area, blending from the lash line to up over the lid and to the eyebrows for a luminescent look.
  • Then, for a dramatic twist, use Artistry Signature Color Longwearing Eye Pencil in Black and, following the outer angle of lower lash line, draw a straight line up towards the outer corner of the eye until it was perpendicular with the crease line. Then draw another straight line, starting from the middle of the upper eye crease and connecting it with the first line.
  • To enhance the depth and dramatize the look, apply Artistry Signature Eyes Length and Definition Mascara over the upper and lower lashes.
  • Fill and groom brows with the Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil.



  • For a subtle flush, sweep Artistry Signature Color Blush in Golden Light onto the area just under the cheekbones — starting next to the ear and sweeping toward the corner of the mouth.


  • For a cohesive and neutral final touch, finish the lips by applying Artistry Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation to match the color of the face and create a uniform nude finish.



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