Makeup tips to get holiday glam for all your celebrations

Artistry Beauty Squad member Mimi Johnson shows off her lips before and after creating the perfect pout with Artistry products.

Get the look: Holiday glam for all your celebrations

Whether your holiday gatherings are in person or virtual, it’s always fun to get in the spirit by going for holiday glam when it comes to your makeup. Artistry™ Beauty Squad members Hedieh Valdez and Mimi Johnson are here with their tips for getting the perfect glam makeup look for all your holiday celebrations.

A hand holds up a tube of Artistry Studio Pampered Pout Lip Balm + Overnight Mask.

Prime your skin for a lasting look

Your first step should include priming to help nourish your skin and prepare it for makeup application. This ensures your look will be fresh and festive no matter how late your party goes!

Two must-have products for priming are the Artistry Studio™ Pampered Pout Lip Balm + Overnight Mask and the 2 in 1 Perfecting Glow Finish Primer. The balm conditions your lips and enhances their natural glow, while the finish primer prepares your face, eyelids and lips for smooth application of makeup.

Another option to help prep your lips is The Polished Pout Lip Exfoliator + Conditioner, also by Artistry Studio. This sugar crystal lip scrub gently smooths and rejuvenates your lips, making it the perfect step before adding any finishing touches.

Artistry Beauty Squad member Hedieh Valdez applies a base shade of eyeshadow on her lid on the outermost corner of your eye where your crease is located

Layer colorful hues for eyes

The holidays are merry and bright, so when it comes to your eyes, embrace color. Hedieh suggests starting with a base shade on the lid and build on the transition, focusing your color of choice on the outermost corner of your eye where your crease is located. Blues are a great choice for winter and Artistry Studio™ Soft and Silky Eye & Cheek Pop Trio in Shanghai Starlight has all the layering shades you need.

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Define cupid’s bow

The term cupid’s bow refers to the center section on the curve of the top lip. While it’s a small area, Mimi says it really defines the pout. Consider adding just a touch of highlighter or light shadow with your finger or a small brush. This highlights the contour so you’re ready to focus on the lip itself.

Artistry Beauty Squad member Mimi Johnson uses her finger to apply a lighter shade of lip color to the center of each of her lips.

Use two colors for a perfect pout

Go bold on your lips with vivid reds that are perfect for the holidays and will be that perfect pop of color for your outfit. Choose two shades so you can add some depth.

Mimi recommends using a deeper shade to line the lips, such as Artistry Signature Color™ Lipstick in Daring Red. Follow that up with a lighter shade in the center, such as Artistry Signature Color Light Up Lip Gloss in Real Red.

This multi-shade application adds variation that works with the lip’s natural curvature to make your pout pop!

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Artistry Beauty Squad member Hedieh Valdez applies mascara to her lower lashes.

Create lush lashes

Full lashes are on trend and you can make your eyes vibrant and flirty in a few simple steps.

Enhance your eye makeup by using a liquid pen to create a natural wing at the outer edge of the eye. Hedieh says this opens up the eye and gives the illusion of more full lashes.

Next, a great mascara is essential for defining those lashes and transforming them from blah to bombshell. Check out Artistry Studio™ Lash Boosting 3-in-1 Mascara, which provides volume and lifts and separates with each stroke.

Learn more

Whether your holidays are filled with in-person festivities or scaled down and virtual, you can still go all out to look your festive best! Check out Hedieh’s full eye makeup video and Mimi ‘s full lip look video for specific steps. Find more makeup tips at Amway Connections and check out the products mentioned here at the links below.

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