The best makeup brushes are the ones you know how to use

A set of the six new Artistry makeup brushes lie on a pink background. Artistry eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner can be seen at the edges of the frame.

Have you ever glanced at all the brushes on your makeup table and wondered what each of those tiny tools has the capability of doing? Many makeup brushes come in a set, but they don’t always come with instructions.

Are you sure you’re getting the most out of your favorite brushes? It seems like a pretty easy concept, but some brushes are better than others when it comes to different tasks. And the best makeup brushes are the ones you know how to use.

The six makeup brushes in the new Artistry Brush Set are fanned out with their bases still in the black zipper case they come in. The Artistry A is on the front of the case.

The Artistry™ Brush Set features six different brushes that have their own purposes, whether it’s for foundation, powder, contouring, concealer, eye shadow or eyebrows.

We asked Rick DiCecca, creative director of makeup design for the Artistry™ line in North America, to break down the basics of each brush and offer some tips so you know exactly which tool will perform the best when applying your makeup.

Artistry foundation brush

The foundation brush

Foundation brushes have densely packed bristles for easy blending and buffing. The Artistry foundation brush features synthetic fibers that are angled to provide controlled, even application of liquid or cream foundation on your neck and face, including your nose, chin, eye area and hairline.

“Apply the foundation to the back of your hand to warm it,” Rick said. “Then dip the brush into the foundation and blend it over your face, starting on your nose and working out from there in sections.

“You can also use this brush to apply cream blushes onto the apples of your cheeks!”

Artistry powder brush

The powder brush

The powder brush is typically the largest brush of the set, thick, fluffy and versatile. The Artistry powder brush uses flexible, finely-milled synthetic fibers.

“It’s rounded, tapered shape ensures an even application of any powder product, such as loose or pressed powders and Artistry Exact Fit™ Powder Foundations,” Rick said. “It’s also ideal for applying bit of shimmer to your décolleté.”

Artistry Highlight/Contour Brush, also known as a fan brush.

The fan brush

In the Artistry set, this is known as the highlight/contour brush. This multipurpose tool is a must-have in your makeup case. With a wide and thin side, it allows you to contour and highlight your face.

The fan shape also allows for the delicate placement of cheek color. Sweep it from the apple of your cheek towards the hairline, Rick said.

Artistry concealer brush

Concealer brush

The flat, rounded paddle shape of a concealer brush makes it ideal for precise application of concealer to diminish the look of blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin tone.

“It’s best to apply the product onto the back of your hand, dip the brush into it, then gently pat under the eyes starting from inner corner,” Rick said.  “To conceal a blemish, dip the brush into concealer and using a gentle tapping motion cover the blemish.”

The Artistry concealer brush uses soft, synthetic fibers that won’t irritate delicate skin.

Artistry eye shadow brush

Eye shadow brush

An eye shadow brush is ideal for all applications of eye shadow. The Artistry brush uses dense, tapered synthetic bristles that allow you to apply, layer, blend and smudge color onto your lid and line areas—sort of the all-in-one eye brush.

The brush is best used in a press-and-sweep fashion, Rick said.

“Start by pressing the eye shadow onto your lid for a more even shade application, then gently sweep to blend and refine,” he said. “Use the brush tip to smudge shadow or eye liner along the upper and lower lash line for a dramatic smoky eye effect.”

Artistry eyeliner/eyebrow brush

Eye liner/brow brush

With its thin profile and angled structure, this brush makes it easy to accurately apply liner or shadow. The angle of the bristles makes it especially ideal to create an even line.

It also makes a great brow shaping tool. Simply blend upward, starting from the beginning of the brow and moving outward.

Artistry Makeup Perfecting Sponge

The makeup sponge

Okay, it’s not a brush, but we thought we should mention this other great tool for applying liquid or powder makeup. Makeup sponges come in various shapes and sizes and are great for gently blending foundations and concealers on any part of your face.

The Artistry™ Makeup Perfecting Sponge is rounded on one end to ensure streak-free application while blending and buffing. The narrow end of the sponge can be used for precise application under the eyes and around the nose.

These sponges are designed to be used while damp. The small pores absorb and retain water, which helps prevent too much product from being absorbed into the sponge.

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