IBOs Assist Rick DiCecca at New York Fashion Week™† 9/9/16

During this year’s New York Fashion Week™† (NYFW®††), Pamella Roland’s September 9 runway show won’t just feature Artistry™ makeup — it will be done by Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) themselves.

No one’s born a makeup artist. You have to have education, training, and experience in order to know how to effectively use makeup! Amway knows this, which is why they train IBOs on skincare and cosmetics, how to use and how to sell them.

After all of the training and education they receive, some IBOs continue to use and grow their knowledge to become makeup artists!


Preparing for New York Fashion Week™†

In August, dozens of IBOs arrived to the Amway New York Business Center at Citi Field, makeup bags and brushes in hand. Each demonstrated their skills and proved they were worthy of assisting Artistry™ Global Makeup Artist, Rick DiCecca, during the Pamella Roland show at NYFW®††. Many of the IBOs had primarily built their business by doing makeup for weddings and other special events using Artistry™ products.

“When I started doing shows for Pamella Roland, I thought, why not have IBOs backstage? They know the product, and no one else has this story,” said DiCecca. “You have makeup artists — talented makeup artists that I would put up against the best makeup artists in the world—doing makeup at New York Fashion Week™† and they actually sell the product!”

DiCecca kicked off the event by demonstrating the runway look, then sent the makeup artists back to their stations to recreate it. “My favorite part of this specific event is seeing how much they’ve advanced,” explained DiCecca. DiCecca has partnered with IBOs to host makeup training sessions, and many of the artists showcasing their skills had been to his classes before. “I said to some of them [at the event] ‘Wow, that’s really beautiful,’ and they said to me, ‘You taught me well’ — it’s nice to know I’ve made an influence on their success.”

The Bigger Picture for IBOs

Though DiCecca enjoys seeing the artists excel in their craft, the ultimate satisfaction comes from understanding that being at NYFW®†† represents far more than just an event.

“We all want to have a positive effect on other people. And certainly the Amway philosophy is about having a positive effect on others and helping them live the life they dreamed of. Some of these girls never dreamed about being backstage at New York Fashion Week™† — and some of them even said that it would be the best day of their life. That means a lot to the Artistry™ brand and to myself,” DiCecca explained.

Congratulations to those who will represent the Artistry™ brand at the Pamella Roland NYFW®†† show!

†New York Fashion Week™ is a trademark of Fashion Week, Inc.

††NYFW® is a registered trademark of Fashion Week, Inc.

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