Can you pull off blue mascara? Absolutely!

A person wearing Artistry Studio Tokyo Edition blue mascara smiles at the camera.

If ever there were a time to be a little more daring when it comes to choosing your makeup, it’s now.

Up is down, down is up, and time has no meaning. So, go ahead and grab that brighter shade of lipstick, try some more vibrant eye shadow palettes, or even – GASP! – sample some blue mascara!

That’s right. You might think blue mascara seems like something that should only be used by “young” people, but Rick DiCecca, Artistry™ NA creative director of makeup design, says you can pull it off no matter what your age is.

“Makeup should be fun,” he said. “If you want to play and wear blue mascara, by all means do it. Make yourself happy!”

A woman applies Artistry Studio Oh-So-Colorful Mascara in blue from the Tokyo edition.

What eye color looks good with blue mascara?

Because blue mascara has the effect of making the whites of your eyes look brighter, it’s a great accent no matter what color eyes you have, Rick said.

“It looks great on a blue eye, but it’s particularly spectacular on a brown eye, green eye or hazel eye,” he said.

What about eye shadow?

Rick said there’s no need to try to pair blue mascara with a certain eye shadow shade. In fact, it looks good without any shadow, but it does go well with rosy browns or grays and blues, he said.

“If you wanted to try something, I would recommend Artistry Signature Color™ Eye Shadow Quads in Smoky or Pink Chocolate,” he said. “I think they would look beautiful, especially on a brown eye or a blue eye.”

A collection of Artistry Studio Tokyo Edition mascaras

How to wear it

There are several ways to approach it. So, if you don’t want to go all in on totally blue lashes, you have options, Rick said.

“If you want to wear it with confidence, but it’s a bit beyond your comfort zone, just use it on the tips of your lashes after you’ve applied your regular mascara,” he said. “Or use it only very close to the base of your lashes, or only along the bottom lashes.

“That will give you a little bit of brightness and a touch of fun, but still not change the definition of your eyes.”

If you’re looking for one to try, the Artistry Studio™ Tokyo Edition features the Oh-So-Colorful Mascara in Harajuku Blue. Start with a light-colored primer, such as Artistry Studio™ Mascara Base Primer, and your blue mascara will have an extra pop!

To learn more about these and other fun Artistry Studio products, visit And to hear more from Rick DiCecca, check out our other makeup blogs at Amway Connections.



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