Great makeup starts with great tools: How to care for makeup brushes

A collection of Artistry makeup brushes

When it’s time to clean out your makeup bag, don’t neglect your brushes.

We all have those favorite brushes that feel great in our hands and do exactly what you need them to do—whether it’s stippling, blending or buffing.

But here’s the thing: Those favorite brushes need some attention to keep doing their jobs well. Old brushes that are not stored well or cleaned regularly don’t perform well and can begin to harbor harmful bacteria that may contribute to breakouts.

The six makeup brushes in the new Artistry Brush Set are fanned out with their bases still in the black zipper case they come in. The Artistry A is on the front of the case.

How to clean your makeup brushes

Keeping your brushes protected in a case and cleaning them regularly will help keep bacteria at bay.

For liquid makeup, daily or weekly cleaning is recommended. For others, once a month or once every two weeks is a good idea. If you have skin breakouts or infections, experts recommend washing all brushes daily.

There are plenty of products specially designed to clean your brushes. But you can also do it yourself with warm water and either mild dish soap or shampoo. (Consider Amway Home™ Dish Drops™ or Satinique™ Smooth Moisture Shampoo.)

Swirl the brush in a mixture of soap and warm water for several minutes to ensure you reach all bristles. Try to avoid getting the base of the brush wet. Rinse until the water runs clear.

Gently blot it with a towel and dry the rest of the way lying flat or hanging with bristles facing down—this prevents water from seeping into the base where mold or bacteria can grow

When do you need to replace makeup brushes?

Quality makeup brushes can last a long time if they are properly stored and cared for, including regular cleanings. But even quality brushes begin to wear out.

Is your go-to brush beginning to shed, leaving a bit of itself on your cheek along with your favorite blush? Are the bristles fraying? Has it become misshapen?

All of those can interfere with the flawless application you’re looking for. If your brushes are showing those symptoms, it might be time to thank them for their service and look for something new.

The six individual Artistry makeup brushes that make-up the new Artistry Brush set stand in a row against a white background.

Buying makeup brushes

You can purchase brushes individually or as a set. Some perform more than one task, but it’s good to have a specific brush for certain applications.

The Artistry™ Brush Set features six brushes that allow you to line, define, contour or highlight and is sold by Amway US or Amway Canada:

  • Foundation brush
  • Powder brush
  • Highlight/Contour brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eye Shadow brush
  • Eye Liner/Brow brush

And don’t forget the Artistry™ Makeup Perfecting Sponge, which allows for easy blending and quick application of liquid or cream cosmetics. Sponges have their own cleaning protocols. See tips and washing instructions on the website for Amway US or Amway Canada.

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