Create an easy Halloween look with everyday makeup: Mermaid

A model made to look like a mermaid using everyday makeup from Artistry.

Some people may think dressing up for Halloween is just for kids, but teens and grownups like to take a turn, too.

And that’s OK! You don’t have to use your kids as an excuse to transform yourself into someone else for the day at the office or your neighbor’s Halloween party or just to answer the door for trick-or-treaters.

And you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on a costume, either. Thanks to Phoenix-area makeup artist Maria Micsunecu, we have three Halloween looks you can create using makeup you probably already own along with a few props.

Get the looks

Amway Connections sent Maria a variety of Artistry makeup to work with, and she created an Egyptian queen, a glamorous vampire with a touch of gore and a beautiful mermaid.

Follow the links to see how to create Cleopatra and the “glampire,” and keep scrolling for the video showing you how to replicate the mythical mermaid.

Marvelous Mermaid

  1. Blend in Artistry Youth Xtend™ Lifting Smoothing Foundation in Ochre and set with Artistry Exact Fit™ Perfecting Loose Powder in light.
  2. Use crayon side of Artistry Studio™ Limited Edition 2-in-1 Eye Stick NYC edition in Tribeca Teal to fill in full eyelid and line under the eye.
  3. Fill middle of the lid with shade three from Artistry Signature Color™ Eye Shadow Quad in Smoky.
  4. Highlight cheek bones and temple with Luminescent White Pearl from the Artistry Studio™ Limited Edition Illuminating Light Up Compact NYC edition.
  5. More blue! Use Artistry Signature Color™ Eye Shadow Quad in Smoky again, but this time use shade four on outside corners of the eye and shade two on inside corners.
  6. Add more highlights to cheekbones and temple using the Rosy Glowing Pink Pearl shade from the Artistry Studio™ Limited Edition Illuminating Light Up Compact NYC edition.
  7. Use shade five as pink blush from the Artistry Studio™ On-the-Go Face & Eye Palette in Liberty Light.
  8. Use Artistry Studio™ Tinted Lip Balm NYC edition in City Coral for a moisturizing base. Then apply Artistry Signature Color™ Light Up Lip Gloss in Juicy Peach for a shimmer.
  9. Finish the look with Artistry Studio™ Lash Boosting 3-in-1 Mascara NYC edition in Gotham Black and fill in brows with Artistry™ Automatic EyeBrow Pencil in taupe.
  10. Optional: Add some glitter from your craft cupboard for a scaly look!

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