Defining Make Up: What is an Eye Crayon?

Have you heard about eye crayons? They offer color that’s versatile, easy to use, and comfortable to wear.

What is an eye crayon?

Unlike traditional eye shadows that come in a palette or tray, eye crayons are pressed into the shape of a small crayon.

With their smooth, creamy texture, eye crayons are applied in the same way you use a lipstick. But the pointed tips give these elegant crayons extra versatility, allowing for use in smaller areas.

One Product, Many Uses

You can use eye crayons as shadows or liners to define, shade, and highlight eyes, while creating subtle or dramatic looks for any occasion. Once you’ve applied them, eye crayons dry to a perfectly powdery finish, so your skin will always feel clean and comfortable.

ARTISTRY Eye Crayons: Now in the Works

ARTISTRY eye crayons will soon be available in beautiful, nature-inspired colors for the new season. Watch for elegant earth tones, complemented by vibrant blue hues.


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