Color You Gorgeous: Discover Effortless Eye Shadow Color

You may not have a makeup professional in your home, but designing beautiful looks doesn’t have to be complex. With the right shades and a little guidance, you can achieve any look: soft, bold, natural, dramatic and anything in between!

5 quads, 20 shades, endless possibilities

Each Artistry Signature Color Eye Shadow Quad offer you a perfectly coordinated palette so you can design the eye look you want, with no mistakes! And a new formula provides the perfect level of color, allowing for various intensities when you mix and blend shades together.

The beautiful palettes, personally curated by Artistry Global Makeup Artist Rick DiCecca, make color selection easy by giving you just the right shades and finishes to highlight, define, accent, or contour. Find your favorite!

Natural Glow


A collection of beige neutrals. Shade 1 — Highlight: Soft, creamy, beige (shimmer)

Shade 2 — Contour: Sparkling cool brown (shimmer)

Shade 3 — Accent: Glowing cinnamon (metallic)

Shade 4 — Define: Deep espresso brown (matte)



A collection of pinks and berries (dusty mauve, pearly pink, metallic violet and deep plum).

Shade 1 — Highlight: Pale luminous pink pearl (shimmer)

Shade 2 — Contour: Dusty mauve (shimmer)

Shade 3 — Accent: Copper violet (metallic)

Shade 4 — Define: Rich, deep plum (matte)

Spice Bronze


A collection of warm browns (golden beige, copper and bronze).

Shade 1 — Highlight: Pale, golden beige (shimmer)

Shade 2 — Contour: Warm, antique bronze (metallic)

Shade 3 — Accent: Shiny, amber, copper (metallic)

Shade 4 — Define: Golden, deep bronze (shimmer)



A collection of charcoal and blue gray hues (shimmering white, blue gray, silver and blue charcoal).

Shade 1 — Highlight: Golden reflective white (shimmer)

Shade 2 — Contour: Dusty, luminous bluish gray (shimmer)

Shade 3 — Accent: Sparkling silver (metallic)

Shade 4 — Define: Deep charcoal blue (shimmer)

Pink Chocolate


A collection of pink browns (pink beiges, soft pink and deep dark chocolate).

Shade 1 — Highlight: Soft, tinted pinky beige (shimmer)

Shade 2 — Contour: Luminous café au lait (metallic)

Shade 3 — Accent: Soft, ballet pink (metallic)

Shade 4 — Define: Dark, chocolate brown with copper sheen (metallic)

Design your look

With the latest Artistry Signature Color shades, you can mix, match, and experiment with the ease of a professional. Try one, or try them all!

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