Get the perfect match with Artistry™ Signature Foundation Shade Finder

A swirling, rippling pool of Artistry foundation.

Let’s be honest, finding the right foundation formula is one thing, but finding your correct shade is another.

If you face this challenge, we have good news for you: Artistry has worked with world renowned beauty experts to help you find the ideal foundation shade that enhances your beauty and is perfect for you!

The Artistry system can help you identify your correct shade in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Identify your level

The combination of level and undertone is what will determine your perfect shade. Natural skin tones vary, so Artistry™ Signature Foundation shades are categorized into six natural levels, from light to dark. Choose the row of swatches in the Shade Finder at the bottom of the post that best represents the depth of your natural skin color. Here is an easy way to gauge your color level:

  • Level 1 (L1) = Light
  • Level 2 (L2) = Light-Medium
  • Level 3 (L3) = Medium
  • Level 4 (L4) = Medium-Deep
  • Level 5 (L5) = Deep
  • Level 6 (L6) = Very Deep

Step 2: Find your undertone

Undertone refers to the amount of warmth or coolness in your complexion. Artistry foundations are divided into three groupings based on undertone:

  • Warm (W) for skin that has a golden or olive hue.
  • Neutral (N) for skin that has an even-toned, neutral hue that is neither pink nor golden.
  • Cool (C) for skin that has a pink or rosy hue.

Pro tip from Artistry Makeup Artist Rick DiCecca: The jewelry you wear can help you determine your skin tone. White metal means cool. Gold means warm. Both means neutral.

Level + undertone = perfect shade match

The combination of level and undertone will help you determine your perfect shade. Using the chart below, match your level in the left column with your undertone. For example, if your skin tone is level one, and your undertone is warm, you would be L1W1 Buff or L1W2 Cream (a slightly darker summer shade).

Artistry's Shade Finder chart listing tones and levels and their corresponding foundation shades.

Let’s do it!

Did you find your shade? Great! Now you can decide which formula is right for you. Here are some Artistry options to consider:

NEW Artistry Hydra-V™  Sheer Weightless Foundation SPF 15: The newest Artistry foundation is perfect for summer and glides onto skin so it appears healthy looking, flawless, refreshed and hydrated.

Artistry Exact Fit™  Longwearing Foundation: Lock in the 24-hour look of flawless perfection with pigments that are time-and-climate-controlled to stay in place, even on hot and humid days.

Artistry Youth Xtend™  Lifting Smoothing Foundation: The most advanced Artistry anti-aging foundation ever!

Artistry Exact Fit™  Powder Foundation: Transform skin impeccably with medium-buildable coverage that mimics that look of real skin.

Artistry Ideal Radiance™  Illuminating CC Cream: A breakthrough, color-correcting formula that combines the brightening and protective powers of a skincare product with the complexion-perfecting qualities of a foundation.



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