5 Ways to Look Effortlessly Beautiful with Blush

Color, contour, define: Creating blushingly beautiful cheeks is simple as can be! We’ve put together five techniques to get you ready and out the door in just three steps or less.

From subtle and natural to bold and colorful, you can get any look you want — and wear a different one every day of the work week!

Get started: Creating your look

First, find the right blush for you and your skin. Then use it to create a perfect flush of color, for the look you want. Here’s how:

Simple cheek color

  1. Swirl applicator over blush; tap applicator to remove excess.
  2. Use flat side of applicator brush to apply color.
  3. Start at the “apple” of the cheek and sweep upward, toward the temple.

Add contour

  1. Swirl applicator over blush; tap applicator to remove excess.
  2. Using the edge of the brush, start in front of the ear and sweep blush toward the corner of your mouth to create a soft contour.

Artistry Tip

The shaper shade  is matte, so you can sweep it under cheekbones, jawline, and along the inner bridge of the nose for a slimming, contoured effect.

Create naturally defined cheeks

To create definition on your cheeks, use two colors of Artistry Signature Color Blush: one in your brighter blush color, and the other in a contrasting shade.

  1. Apply the more contrasting blush shade with the blush brush.
  2. Begin by placing brush on the face at the middle of your ear. Sweep this shade towards the tip of your nose; allow the brush to lift off your skin as you sweep forward.
  3. Apply the brighter shade by tapping it onto “apple” of your cheek and sweeping back toward hairline.

Add a pop of cheek color

Looking for a more youthful flush—or to give your look a mid-day pick-me-up?

  1. Apply Artistry Signature Color Blush to the “apple” of your cheeks only.
  2. Avoid over-applying for this technique by using brush to “tap” color onto skin, instead of sweeping it.

Naturally blushing

Place and sweep — let your face guide the blush brush!

  1. Sweep blush brush over desired shade.
  2. Line up brush with middle of ear, then sweep and blend towards tip of nose. The brush will lift off the skin where necessary because of your individual bone structure.
  3. To create a subtle/natural contour, sweep brush toward the corner of the mouth.

Choose your shade!

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