Tips for making and achieving your ‘new me’ goals

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Help make your resolutions stick

Have you recently made some “new year, new me” goals? Are you using the turn of the calendar to tackle self-improvement?

You wouldn’t be alone. Whether it’s losing weight, eating better or boosting exercise, now is the time many people decide to make some serious goals. Just take a look at the overflowing parking lots at your area fitness centers for proof.

However, making major lifestyle changes is no small feat. How many of us are still committed to our resolutions when March rolls around?

We’ve got some advice for all of you on the “new year, new me” mission: Slow your roll.

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When it comes to resolutions, start small

That’s right, slow down. One reason many people fail at “new year, new me” resolutions or major life changes is that they take on too much at once by adopting huge, life-changing goals. Instead, start with small changes that are more achievable.

This will allow you to record some early wins and build on those small successes until the larger goals are well within reach. Once you feel like you’ve mastered the first one, raise the bar and add something new.

Just make sure you give yourself enough time to really make it a habit. Here are some realistic goals to start with and tips for making them stick.

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New year, new me: Make hydration a priority

Water makes up more than half of your body weight, and without the right amount, your body can’t work its best. Good hydration supports the body’s immune system, helps skin health, keeps our mind sharp and our days productive.

Every day, the average person should drink between 72 and 96 oz. of water – or roughly 2-3 liters, more if you’re exercising heavily. It may sound easy, but if you’re focused on work or other projects for much of the day, it can be challenging.

TIP: Get a reusable water bottle

Get yourself a high quality, reusable water bottle that you take with you wherever you go. Fill it up and take a sip at every opportunity.

Women sitting on a bench pouring some XS CocoWater Hydration Drink Mix into a blue half full water bottle.

TIP: Set a timer to remind yourself to drink

Set alarms on your phone or use a hydration-boosting app to remind you to keep on swigging. Many fitness or weight management apps also have a water tracking feature.

TIP: Make water less boring

Add some flavor to your experience by dropping fruit pieces into your bottle or using hydration-supporting add-ins. XS™ CocoWater, for example, is naturally flavored, helps replenish electrolytes and delivers antioxidants†—good for any time of the day, especially before and after workouts.

A woman holds a jar of Artistry Skin Nutrition Renewing Reactivating Day Cream in one hand. The other is raised with a dab of cream on her finger and her cheek.

New year, new me: Start a real skin care routine

It’s never too early or too late to start a skin care routine. And it may benefit more than just your skin. Making time to pamper your skin is a form of self-care that is needed right now. It’s also something you can control.

Maybe you’ve been haphazard with your skin care—sleeping with makeup, skipping moisturizer, only exfoliating when you get a mask as a gift. It’s time to ramp it up and give your skin the attention it deserves.

TIP: Get professional skin care advice

Consider a beauty app that can provide a skin assessment and help you create a routine that addresses your specific skin care needs. The Artistry™ Virtual Beauty App offers a personalized skincare regimen and product recommender for your skin. (Available for your  iOS® or Android® device.)

TIP: Find a skin care line you like

Find a product line you like and follow its recommendations. These products were designed by experts to work in coordination with each other. Artistry Skin Nutrition™, for example, include cleansers, toners and moisturizers designed to address specific skin care needs. You can mix and match the ones that are best for you.

A collection of Artistry skin care products is shown on a bathroom shelf.

TIP: Adopt a regular skin care routine

Your skin, like any other part of your body, needs consistent care to look its healthiest. Yes, just like eating your veggies and exercising keeps your body healthy, a regular skin care routine can improve your skin and keep it looking healthy as you age. You’ll need one for the morning and one for the evening.

TIP: Choose some skin care treatment products

Thanks to scientific research, you can give your skin much more than a splash of water and a bit of moisturizer. Whether you want to address wrinkles, dark spots, dullness, hydration or firming, you can find products to address it. The Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum, for example, allows you to target multiple concerns at once.

TIP: Don’t forget the sunscreen

Don’t forget the sunscreen! Even in the winter and on cloudy days, protecting your skin from UVB/UBA sun rays is an important step in any skin care routine. Give the Artistry Ideal Radiance™ UV Protect SPF 50 a try or choose a moisturizing with SPF built in, such as the Artistry Skin Nutrition Day Lotions, which have SPF 30.

Bottles of Nutrilite Men's Daily and Nutrilite Women's Daily are surrounded by tomatoes, purple carrot, pomegranate and turmeric, among their other botanical ingredients.

New year, new me: Start taking your vitamins

A healthy diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables is the best way to give your body the nutrients it needs each day. But this is the real world and we know that not everyone is consuming the recommended 5-9 daily servings.

Fill those nutritional gaps with a daily vitamin and supplement routine. Start with a multivitamin like Nutrilite™ Men’s Daily, Nutrilite Women’s Daily or Nutrilite Double X™ Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient Supplement.

They all offer multiple essential vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients to help give your body the foundational nutrients it needs and beyond.

Maybe you could benefit from a supplement that supports eye health for those long hours of screen time, such as n* by Nutrilite™ Eye Mojo – Blue Light Vision Gummies. Or maybe some energy support from Nutrilite Vitamin B Dual–Action. And there’s never a wrong time to support your digestion and immunity with a probiotic like Nutrilite Balance Within™ Probiotic.†

Woman pouring coffee from French press with Nutrilite Vitamin B in background.

TIP: Add vitamins to your daily routines

Make taking your vitamins easy to remember by incorporating them into daily routine, like drinking coffee, brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. Keep the bottles visible as a daily reminder rather than stashed in a cupboard where you might forget.

TIP: Track your vitamin intake

Download an app that includes tracking your daily vitamins to ensure you’re getting what your body needs. This will also help you remember to take them each day.

TIP: Get a vitamin organizer

If you’re taking multiple vitamins each day, set them up in a pill box with compartments for every day of the week or month and keep it in a visible location as a regular reminder.

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Just keep going

These are just a few new healthy habits to start integrating into your life. Once you feel you’ve mastered one, add another and just keep working.

Take that first step, and then the next one, and then the next one, and before you know it, you’ll be living the new, healthy life you want for yourself and realizing your goal of a “new year, new me!”

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