No Time for Breakfast? Think Again

A mother and two young children eat breakfast at a table.

Whether you’re working from home or heading out to get the job done, mornings can be busy as a lot of things compete for your attention.

Don’t let the chaos prevent you from eating a sensible breakfast. You need healthy calories to fuel your body as your start your day.

Break your fast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day because you are literally breaking your fast.

Going prolonged periods of time without eating switches your body into calorie storage mode, a biological hold-over from a time when food was not as plentiful and readily available as it is today. This means that your body puts more effort into storing calories because it wants to ensure that you survive the next food-scarce period.

That’s why making time for breakfast is essential, especially if you are trying to manage your weight. Try to eat within 30-60 minutes of waking up.

A bottle of Nutrilite Gluten-free Daily sits next to a healthy breakfast bowl of oranges, pomegranate, bananas and granola.Can I have a donut?

You may ask: Isn’t eating a donut better than not having anything at all? Technically, yes, but is it a good decision?

A donut is made up of multiple types of sugar, is cooked in fat, has a negligible amount of fiber, is high on the glycemic index and is loaded with empty calories. One typical glazed donut contains well over 200 calories.

Basically, it’s nutritionally poor that will likely leave you still hungry soon after you eat it.

Have a plan

The best breakfast is one that is planned. We are able to make better decisions when we are not pressed for time. Plus, having something prepared helps prevent us from making impulsive, gut breaking decisions that we will likely regret throughout the day.

Thanks to the popularity of meal prepping, there are several recipes online for make-ahead dishes like egg sandwiches or stovetop steel cut oatmeal that can be stored for the week in the fridge or frozen and popped in the microwave for grab-and-go convenience.

The goal is to make better breakfast decisions a regular habit, not something you try just for a day or two.

A woman's hands shown making a smoothie with BodyKey ingredients and sliced fruit.

Smoothies and meal bars

If planning is not your forte but you want to start your day off right, consider stocking up on meal bars or meal replacement smoothie mixes. Pair them with some fresh fruit and the combo of nutrients will kickstart your day in no time at all.

You can find several smoothie recipes on Amway Connections using BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Meal Replacement Shakes. You can also experiment with your own ideas for tasty concoctions. You never know what might become your go-to breakfast on the go.

When it comes to choosing a meal bar, make sure you look at the nutrition label and ingredients list. Avoid hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients like colors, flavors and sweeteners. Look for a good amount of protein and dietary fiber and a moderate amount of calories. To learn more, read Not all bars are created equal at Amway Connections.

Kickstart your day

A better breakfast means a better start to your day. Beginning with a healthy meal can fuel your energy and drive and put on the path to a successful day. So make your first meal of the day a good one.

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