Taking steps toward a healthier you: Walk it out

Walk It Out

You want to get healthier, but the thought of going to the gym makes you want to lie down and take a nap. Walk it out.

You want to exercise more, but you live a busy lifestyle where you don’t have enough time to exercise. Walk it out.

To those of us trying to lose weight and achieve our optimum health, exercising vigorously 4-5 days a week can seem like a daunting challenge. To compound this, it’s a time commitment that we have to figure out how to work into our already loaded schedules!

If you find yourself with these thoughts, here’s where we say, “Walk it out.” Try these tips!

Make your goals smaller

Make the goal to be active throughout your day, fitting in exercise where you can.  Start getting into the habit of being active and moving around. This will help you start feeling the positive effects of exercise and see opportunities in your schedule where you might not have considered you’d have time to slip in a quick physical activity.

Increase the frequency

Try choosing small activities throughout your day, such as walking.

Keep it simple

Walking is something where you can set the pace of. You don’t have to change clothes, go to a gym, bring specialized equipment or have a spotter. Your goal is to simply get moving and get active!

Look for those opportunities

Do you drive to work? Try parking your car in a safe spot a bit further away from the entrance.

Is lunch or a meeting or a colleague within walking distance? Give yourself an extra couple of minutes and try walking there.

Does your building have an elevator? Try taking the stairs.

Keep it gradual

Whenever you start a new activity, it’s important to increase the difficulty gradually.

Make it social

If you feel like you’re having trouble finding time to incorporate exercise, find a buddy! Find out if anyone else in the office or the neighborhood or your family has similar goals or activities that they’re incorporating into their day, and see if you can join them.

Think about nutrition

As you gradually try to incorporate exercise into your routine, try to gradually adjust your nutrition, as well. Add more fruits and vegetables and start cutting down on processed foods.

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