How to plan and prep for smarter eating on the go

When your life is filled with business meetings, social activities, or kids’ events, it’s tough to make good nutrition a priority. But to feel your best, experts say we should all get 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Sound impossible? A little planning ahead can keep you off of sugar-loaded convenience snacks, and help you enjoy delicious-yet-nutritious foods instead.

Say no to empty calories

When there’s a busy week ahead, prep and pack smarter snack choices including fruits, vegetables, and protein, which all help keep you from getting too hungry while you’re on the go. With healthy options at the ready, you’ll be less inclined to stop at convenience stores when you need to boost your energy.

Here are a few healthy options to consider when eating on the go:

Bars on the go

Homemade healthy snacks

Spend a little time on the weekends making a pan of your favorite homemade protein bars or other healthy snacks, and you’ll have a grab-and-go snack all week long. They’re great for work, after school and the weekends. Most recipes are easily customized to accommodate the unique tastes of finicky eaters, too.

No time for prep? Fall back on another favorite, like BodyKey Meal Bars and the new Nutrilite Wellness Bars.

Veggies on the go

Fruits & vegetables

You can always eat fruits and vegetables right out of hand, but sometimes it’s nice to step up the experience with dips or dressings.

Fill the bottom of a canning jar with your favorite dip and slice vegetables into strips that fit vertically in the jar. With enough jars, you can make some for the whole week in one sitting.

No jars? Plastic bags are just as handy. Purchase precut fruits and vegetables at the store or set aside time to cut up a variety for each day of the week. Invest in small containers for your favorite dips, dressings or toppings.

Smoothie to go

A combination

Get fruits, vegetables and proteins simultaneously with make-ahead smoothies. Blend your favorite fruits and vegetables with some protein powder; add yogurt for extra creaminess. Store it in those same canning jars and keep chilled until snack time. Shake and serve!

Convenient choices make life easier

Make every week easier with healthful food that’s prepared ahead of time! With these simple tips, you’ll get a head start on facing your busy schedule – while maintaining your health, too.

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