Six staycation ideas for when you’re staying home

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As the availability of vaccinations increase and more places are open for travel and visitors, some people are taking long awaited vacations. Others may not be ready, choosing instead to defer their spring break trips and opt for a staycation instead.

We’ve gathered some ideas to help make your stay at home a little more bearable and maybe even enjoyable.

Get outside

If the weather is nice, get outside. Get out your patio furniture and tiki torches and unroll that hammock so you can turn your backyard into a mini getaway.

A woman blows bubbles with a child outside.

Break some house rules and bring out pillows and blankets to make it even more cozy. Add some music and light the torches and picture yourself somewhere else. If you have a way to project onto a screen, put up a bed sheet and make it a movie night.

Or check out your local parks. Some people may be regular park visitors, but chances are there’s a local park on the other side of town or within a few hours’ drive that you haven’t been to in a long time. Fresh air and a change of scenery can do wonders!

Kept inside by bad weather? The National Parks can help you out with their set of wildlife cameras.

A smiling woman holds a map of Tokyo.

Take a virtual vacation

Find a travel documentary of a place you’ve always wanted to visit or order travel books and materials to be delivered. Set the mood with appropriate food and drink—maybe takeout from a local restaurant representing your destination—and dress for the experience.

Take a lot of notes and snap pics of your favorite scenes and make a digital wish list for your next vacation. When it’s over, start researching those places and where to stay when normalcy returns. Studies show the anticipation of a vacation is an endorphin boost in itself.

Girl in green holding Artistry Signature Select Hydrating Body Gel in front of face,sitting on a brown chair,with green plant on left and beige wall behind.Create a spa day

Start by cleaning your bathroom and bedroom so you have a pleasant environment. Bring in some plants or fresh flowers to add a touch of beauty. Next, gather all your lotions, candles, scrubs, masks and serums and plan out your treatments.

Make sure it includes a nice long soak in a hot bath accompanied by your favorite beverage and snacks, soothing music and access to a good book, crossword puzzle or your favorite social media feed. Finish off with your fluffiest towel and see how long you can make that relaxing feeling last.

A kangaroo hops through a field.

Virtually visit a museum, zoo or see a show

More than 2,500 museums and galleries of art, fashion, architectures and other topics are at your fingertips thanks to Google Arts & Culture. You can go to Russia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, France, Sweden—you get the idea.

Several zoos either have regular livestreaming webcams or have set up special webcams for these crazy times. Do a little internet sleuthing and you’ll find penguins, otters or just about any animal you can think of.

You can even watch some Broadway shows online free for a seven-day trial. Another great way to add to the itinerary of your next real vacation.

Redo a room

Create a fresh new space in your house by giving a room that makeover you’ve been thinking about. You likely have many of the supplies in your basement or closet. If you’re able to give your local hardware store some business for the remaining items, great. If not, online shopping is an option.

Make a day of planning out the colors and accessories to add to the enjoyment. Then buckle down and start creating the room you’ve envisioned. It won’t be long before you can relax and enjoy your new space.

A man and woman relax in a freshly decluttered living room.

Tackle the clutter

For some people, the detritus of daily life might prevent them from being able to relax at home. If you’re among them, consider tackling a major decluttering project so you can actually enjoy your home space.

Here are some tips to help you get started. You’ll not only have a huge sense of accomplishment; you’ll have a whole new environment to try some of the ideas listed above.

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