Preparing for summer celebrations

A group of people are enjoying a Leap Day party on the patio.

Party prep

Do you have something to celebrate? Whether it’s a graduation, wedding shower, milestone birthday or simply celebrating the long days of summer, here are some tips and reminders to ensure your summer celebration is the best it can be.

Prepare your outdoor space

People are itching to get outside and enjoy the warmer months, so clear off that deck or sweep off that patio and create the ideal environment for your outdoor gathering.

That includes cleaning your outdoor furniture or other surfaces that guests may use or see. It doesn’t have to be a chore, though. The Amway Home Care team has a special recipe that they have found to be particularly effective for outdoor cleaning.

All you need is a cap and a half (30ml) of Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner, one scoop (30 ml) of Amway Home All Fabric Bleach and 5 liters of hot water.

“The multi-purpose cleaner has surfactants, a substance that affects the surface tension between substances,” said Doug Feenstra, Amway manager of home and personal care products. “The surfactants help the bleach penetrate stains more quickly and thoroughly, so scrubbing your deck, outdoor furniture and vinyl siding is a much less arduous task.”

If you don’t have the outdoor space, consider hosting with a friend who does. Or check out your local parks for inexpensive pavilions or other spaces that can be reserved. Hosting at an offsite location makes cleaning up before and after a breeze!

A nice clean bathroom vanity cleaned with Amway products.

Create a safe environment

In addition to tackling the mold and mildew outside and the standard cleaning inside, make sure to disinfect and deodorize where appropriate, such as high traffic indoor areas.

Pursue™ Disinfectant Cleaner kills 99.9% of common household viruses, bacteria and fungi, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.* Grab a cloth and start wiping down everything your guests might come in contact with, including door handles, faucets, cupboards, chairs and tabletops. You can also leave a fresh scent with Pursue Disinfectant Deodorizer Spray, which also is proven to kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19*.

Placing hand sanitizer and easy cleaning wipes at strategic locations like near the food and beverage is also a good idea. Away from the food and beverage, keep a supply of sunscreen and bug spray to help keep your guests comfortable.

A person is filling their plate from the buffet at an outdoor party.

Plan your menu

Grilled items are a favorite for summer celebrations, and it doesn’t’ have to be limited to meat, fish or store-bought veggie burgers. Plenty of people enjoy grilled vegetables, including cauliflower steaks, portobello mushrooms, corn on the cob, cabbage steaks, eggplant and more.

Fresh fruit is extra delicious on a hot summer day and it provides a splash of color to your food table. If you don’t have time to slice and dice, choose ones that are ready to eat, like cherries, grapes and all the different kinds of berries.

If you do have time, fresh sliced watermelon is a perennial favorite at summer soirees. Or you can throw together a simple fruit salad that can be served in its own juices or with a light dressing of your favorite yogurt.

Sometimes fresh vegetables can be almost as sweet as fruit. Put together a tray of cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, sliced bell peppers and other favorites along with nutrient-filled dip like hummus and you’re good to go.

It’s also important to any consider dietary needs, such allergies or other food restrictions. They don’t have to stop you from making your favorite dish. Many times there are easy substitutes that won’t affect the quality of the recipe. Regardless, it’s a good idea to provide signs of ingredient lists so that guests don’t have any surprises.

Two people standing outside toast each other with cans of XS.

Don’t forget the drinks

When stocking your cooler or drink station, make sure you have a wide variety so all your guests will find something they like.

To up the fancy factor, set up a large glass drink dispenser featuring ice water infused with cucumbers or various fruits. Not only is it a refreshing beverage to offer your guests, it acts as its own decoration.

Creative drinks are always a hit, too, even if it’s an old favorite with a clever name to commemorate your occasion. Do your research and make sure to have the fixings for a few featured drinks that you can offer to add to the party’s theme.

Need some ideas? Check out these mocktail recipes that use XS™ Energy Drinks or XS CocoWater. And make sure to stock extra for folks who might not want the fancy mocktail but will still enjoy the refreshing benefits of XS drinks.

Set the soundtrack

It’s not a celebration without tunes! You want to set a festive tone without overpowering all conversation. And of course, consider your guests when selecting your songs. Your favorite sing-alongs might not be suitable for everyone.

Don’t trust your own musical taste? Have a trusted friend create a playlist for you. Or select one already curated from your favorite streaming service, such as the n* by Nutrilite Sunny Playlist, featuring songs selected to fill the air with happiness.

A pleasant environment filled with good food, fun beverages, happy tunes and great friends sounds like the recipe for a perfect summer celebration. Enjoy! And to learn more about any of the products mentioned here, contact an Amway Business Owner or click on the links below.

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**Kills SARS-CoV-2 Virus (COVID-19 Virus) (2019 Novel Coronavirus). (U.S.)

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