Make yourself stronger: Building lean muscle gives you a boost

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In the workout world, sometimes it can feel like you’re bombarded with tips and tricks for the latest fad diet or exercise shortcut.

But health experts know the basics haven’t changed: Strive to eat a healthy diet, get your heart pumping with regular cardio activities, and make sure to add strength training to build muscle.

That last part is the real workhorse of a fitness routine for everyone—not just body builders. It’s something all adults should be conscious of when creating a workout routine. But not everyone is hearing this message.

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Muscle’s multiple benefits

In 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 53% of U.S. adults met the guidelines for aerobic physical activity, but only 23.5% met recommendations for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening workouts.

That means a lot of people are missing out on the multiple benefits of strength training. Building lean muscle not only adds definition to your physique—think sculpted arms and abs—it can protect your bones as you age, too.  And, adding muscle also means your body is burning more calories, even when you’re relaxing after your workout is over.

So whether you call it strength training, resistance exercise or a weight workout, you want to make sure you are incorporating muscle-building moves into your fitness plan.

A canister of XS Muscle Multiplier Essential Amino Acid Supplement lies on the ground near a kettle ball, free weights and ear buds.

Give your workouts a boost

One way to help fuel your lean muscle efforts is with a supplement like XS™ Muscle Multiplier Essential Amino Acid Supplement, which can help you build lean muscle when paired with regular weight and resistance training and a healthy balanced diet.†

This concentrated powder provides a blend of the nine essential amino acids in ratios and concentrations patented to build lean muscle. Your body uses amino acids to make proteins that strengthen and repair muscles, and these types of amino acids can only be obtained through the food you eat.

Leading experts backed by over 25 years of research and development believe that all nine essential amino acids are needed to build lean muscle.

Get started building muscle

Whether you’re using free weights at home or resistance machines at a gym, there are a few simple steps to get you started on the path to building muscles.

The right amount

Not sure how much weight you should be using? Choose an amount you can do 10 or 15 reps of an exercise comfortably, and with good form, without having to stop and rest.

The right frequency

A good goal is to work on each muscle group twice a week, but don’t target the same muscle group on consecutive days. So it could be legs and abs one day, arms and back the next.

Give them a rest

Building your muscles takes commitment and hard work, but also takes rest. To support growth, your muscle groups need at least a day’s rest between workouts.

Learn more

Learn more about XS™ Muscle Multiplier Essential Amino Acid Supplement and other XS sports nutrition products by visiting

Once you’ve settled on a strength routine, are eating the right foods and find a supplement that can help boost your efforts, you’ll be on your way to building leaner muscles.

†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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