How to lose weight without working up a sweat

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Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows there is no easy path. You end up doing a lot of second-guessing about what works. And it’s no small task to muster the motivation to get out there and exercise – especially if it doesn’t seem to show up on the scale.

You might be going for runs a couple times a week or trying to squeeze in a cardio class online only to find your weight isn’t budging. Good news: While regular movement is a key part of your optimal health, there are other ways to approach dropping pounds that don’t involve working up a sweat.

How to lose weight without exercise

You can lose weight without exercise by approaching it as a lifestyle change. Once you train your brain to focus on healthy eating – and make sure your plate follows suit – weight loss will follow.

No one is ever alone on their weight-loss journey. Each year more than 90 million people vow to drop some extra pounds, and more than $70 billion is spent on diet programs. For many, losing weight and keeping it off is a constant struggle. With the right approach, however, you can achieve your goal. Here are some tips to kick-start your weight loss!

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Set a personal, healthy goal

Start by being realistic. You might really want to trade in your XL sweatpants for a size medium in just a couple weeks, but it will take longer to achieve such dramatic results.

Dropping a pound or two a week is a good goal. Eating healthy foods at nearly every meal is another one, and it still leaves room for your favorite cheat foods as an occasional treat.

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Food tracking and weigh-ins

You might not love the thought of jumping on a scale each day, but seeing those numbers go down is great motivation. Recording your weight and what you eat each day is a big part of the behavior change that leads to sustained weight loss.

There are plenty of weight loss or fitness apps that include a food journal to make it easy to track your daily meals and snacks. Some even offer healthy meal suggestions or provide guidance for low-fat, low-carb, or even vegetarian options.

Meal replacement shakes and snacks

Sometimes the hardest part about trying to eat healthier is all the choices stretching in front of you at the grocery store or at mealtimes.

If you don’t love to cook, or you’re short on time, meal prep can feel like a chore. That’s when meal replacement shakes, bars and snacks come in handy. These nutrient-rich options are proportioned to keep your weight-loss on track while still giving you the nutrition you need.

Shake and smoothie mixes are popular meal replacements. One option are BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Meal Replacement Shake Mixes, which blend up creamy and pack 20 grams of protein and 25 vitamins and minerals.

You should keep smart snacks handy, too. They’ll keep you from reaching for a candy bar or zipping through a drive thru. BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Slim Popcorn comes in single-serving pouches and is perfect to stash in a backpack or keep in your car.

A woman in her kitchen checks her food tracking app on phone while cutting strawberries for a smoothie.

Find your support

Having people cheer you on during weight loss is always a great motivator. A fitness or weight loss app that celebrates your progress is a good start, but it always helps to have a crowd of supporters. You don’t have to do this alone.

And who knows? Maybe after following the program for a while, you’ll be able to find the motivation to get out there and get moving!

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