Fun factor: Easy tips to add fun to your fitness routine

Three bikers, a man and two women, take a break from their group ride to look at the view from a bridge.

Sometimes you reach a point where your workout routine feels too much like work.

Instead of looking forward to yoga class, are you just going through the poses? Or, when you’re lacing up your running shoes, are you already counting the minutes until that run is over?

You may be experiencing an exercise plateau where progress levels off. Or maybe you’re seeing results, but it’s just not as enjoyable as it used to be.

If your regular exercise has started to feel like a slog, it’s time to find a way to inject some fun back into your routine. Tim DeBoer, a health and fitness specialist for Optimal You Fitness at Amway, has some simple tips for people searching for ways to re-energize their fitness plan.

Work out with others

This could mean trying a group fitness class, or arranging to meet a friend at the gym. You could also join an exercise group built around an activity, such as a running or biking club.

And there are adult rec leagues for a variety of sports, including softball, dodgeball, pickle ball, kickball, soccer, tennis—a little fun competition can be a great motivator.

“There’s a great benefit to feeding off of someone else’s energy during your workout,” Tim said. “It helps you push yourself a little harder and reach new heights that you probably wouldn’t on your own.”

A woman and a man jog in an urban setting.

Cheer on your partners

Being enthusiastic about your friends’ progress also pushes you to work harder, said Tim. As a runner and a cyclist, he said he is constantly motivated by his clients’ hard work.

“It’s tough for me not to do the things I tell my clients to do,” he said.

Seeing them achieve their goals—and overcome obstacles—is not only inspiring, but it pushes him to work out harder when he’s focusing on his own fitness, he said.

A man sits outside listening to his earbuds. He is taking a break from walking.

Slip in your ear buds

Some people may savor silence during a workout, but others really pick up the pace when they are exercising to the beat of one of their favorite songs.

“I often forget the effect music has on you,” Tim said. It can really motivate you if you get the right song on. It helps pump you up.”

Want something a little different than your regular playlist? Tim said there are several music apps made especially for fast-paced workouts.

“There are some great apps out there, especially for runners where tempo and cadence are a big factor,” he said. “The app chooses songs based on what cadence you want. It reduces your thoughts down to just keeping the beat.”

Be smart

As you try new things to bring fun back into your routine, remember it’s just one part of being at your best. Make sure you’re hydrating, sleeping well and adding strength training, too.

Once you tap into what motivates you, rediscovering the fun in fitness is just a workout away.

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