2021 Holiday gift guide: 8 ideas for every type of person in your life

A collection of Artistry Skin Nutrition products are displayed on a silver tray. Hands are arranging them with a sprig of rosemary in a vase.

Gift ideas for every type of person in your life

The holidays are a time when we often spend our time thinking about others, sometimes to the detriment of ourselves.

That’s why giving the gift of self-care is a great way to remind people to take some time for themselves. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Here’s a list of eight ideas for every type of person in your life, plus some bonus items to personalize the gift even more. Now all you have to do is wrap it up!

A bag of XS quick dissolving protein pods sits in the back end of a vehicle nearly an XS water bottle.

For the one who loves working out

The gym rat in your life will love supplementing their diet with XS™ Protein Pods or Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein Powder because protein helps maintain lean body mass, build muscle and repair tissue.†

After you gift it, be sure to send them some of our recipes so they can see how versatile it is. Wrap it up with wireless earbuds and a new gym bag so they don’t forget their workout essentials.

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A hand holding a pink teapot is shown next to a clear glass mug of tea and a canister of n* by Nutrilite #nofilter Beauty Tea.

For the trendsetter

If looking their best is always on their mind, the trendsetter’s self-care routine could use some n* by Nutrilite™ #NOFILTER Beauty Tea. It’s a soothing indulgence they can add to their getting ready routine that promotes healthy looking skin.†

Wrap it up with some Artistry Studio™ Skin products and a trendy gooseneck tea kettle so they can pour in style!

A container of n* by Nutrilite Eye Mojo Gummies is shown with blue light glasses against a mirrored background.

For the one who’s always online

Hard worker? Gamer? Avid social media user? All three? The amount of screen time we put in each day on our various devices means we could all use some support for our eyes exposed to blue light all day. Consider a canister of n* by Nutrilite Eye Mojo.

The flavorful gummies have a powerful combo of lutein, zeaxanthin and bilberry that help support healthy vision.†

Wrap it up with some trendy blue light glasses and a stylish 2022 planner. They might enjoy a little analog planning in their life instead of always relying on their digital calendars.

A bottle of Nutrilite Social Stress Relief Probiotic lies on a yellow surface next to a capsule.

For the busy parent

We all know someone like this. They are the one who is so preoccupied taking care of everyone else that they forget to look out for themselves.

Show them someone has their back with Nutrilite Stress Relief Probiotic. A probiotic for stress may seem surprising, but there are trillions of bacteria in our gut and they can affect the way we feel. When our gut is working properly, it produces more serotonins and dopamine than the brain does. And those chemical messengers play an important role in how we feel, our mood and our ability to think and plan.

Just what a busy parent needs! Plus, it’s a simple once-a-day capsule – easy to add to their daily routine. Wrap it up with some Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products and a relaxing massage roller to help them relieve their tension.

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A hand pours the contents of an n* by Nutrilite Hit Reset Shots into a clear glass.

For the one who always hits the snooze button

Not everyone can be a morning person. Some of us need a little something to give us a jolt. If you have a person like that in your life, consider n* by Nutrilite Hit Reset Shots.

The B vitamins in the shots provide a quick boost of energy support while the milk thistle supports liver health.† Wrap it up with a fun water bottle and a portable speaker so they can bring the energy with them wherever they’re headed.

A man holds a canister of n* by Nutrilite Rays for Days gummies up to his face while holding his face toward the sun.

For the beach bum

Do you have a sun-loving friend who laments the shrinking days and complains about the winter blues? They will love to be gifted a cannister of n* by Nutrilite Rays for Days Sunny Vitamin D Gummies.

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and is welcome during these darker months. The gummies also contain saffron, which is an ancient mood-boosting spice.†

Wrap it up with a “happy light” that simulates the sun’s natural rays or some funky sunglasses and a new beach towel so they’re ready for the real thing.

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Containers of n* by Nutrilite Go Shield Gummies and Tablets lie on a table with a bunch of items related to travel: camera, map, travel photos, etc.

For the one who’s always on the go

You love to follow their exciting lifestyle on social, wondering where they will pop up next. Support their journey with a container of n* by Nutrilite Go Shield Effervescent Tablets or Gummies.

They are super convenient for traveling, allowing your giftee to drop the tabs into a water bottle wherever they are for some fizzing fun or just pop a gummy that tastes great. The combination of echinacea, vitamin C and zinc will help support their immune system while they’re out and about.†

Wrap it up with a new wallet or fanny pack and a handy external battery because chances are their phone can’t keep up with them!

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Packing for n* by Nutrilite Turmeric Latte lies near a white mug of the latte and a notepad and pencil reading: "U got this" with a smiley face.

For the wellness guru

What do you get the wellness guru who does yoga, gets the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day and is religious about getting enough sleep? Give them a reason to relax with an n* by Nutrilite Turmeric Latte.

This ancient, yellow herb is like a cup of liquid sunshine and supports healthy joints and overall wellbeing†, making it perfect for anyone focused on improving their health. Wrap it up with mug that will make them smile and a soft blanket so they’ll be warm inside and out.

Get the products

With all these ideas, your holiday shopping should be super easy. To learn more about any of these products, click the links below. And if you want more gift ideas, check out additional blogs at Amway Connections.

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