Hold yourself accountable: Write down your goals

A person's hand is shown writing health goals in a journal as they sit on a bed.

Smartphones are amazing. Really! There is an app for anything you could ever need or want as well as apps you may wish you never knew about.

But sometimes you just want to go analog. There is something about the feel of a writing utensil in your hand when you make a list, set a goal, record data or check something off. It can be more powerful than swiping, tapping or typing with your thumbs.

And research shows that when you write down your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Bullet journals, habit trackers, printables

This is evidenced by the popularity of bullet journals, habit trackers and other “printables” that people are using to hold themselves accountable to goals or record random thoughts, observations, big ideas or recipes.

Many people are finding printable habit trackers useful for weekly goals and daily tasks, whether personal or professional. Posted in a prominent location in your space or placed in a journal or planner you use every day, it’s a constant reminder of the goals you set for yourself.

Looked at over time, they can also be a reminder of how far you’ve come. A stack of printable trackers that show weeks of checking off the right boxes will give you a good feeling. They might also reveal areas where you need some improvement.

Try one out

So, whether you want to track fitness, water intake, sleep, or your daily diet goals, you might try grabbing a pen and putting them to paper.

Want to give one a try? We’ve got you covered! Print off this tracker and get started!

A habit tracker showing days of the week with spots to check off how much water you drink, list your goals, track your habits and make notes.



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