Here comes fall: 5 tips for exercising in cooler weather

A woman and a man ride their bikes on a city street. Each is wearing a bike helmet.

The air is starting to feel a little crisper, sunsets are happening a bit earlier, and pumpkin-spice flavored treats are popping up on menus. The signs of autumn are undeniable.

That means it’s time to adjust your workout routine. Whether you’ve been exercising in air-conditioned gyms all summer and are thinking about venturing outdoors, or you’re just looking to transition your outside regimen from summer to the cooler weather of fall, we’ve got some tips to make for a smooth seasonal shift.

Be safe: Wear reflective clothing

One of the biggest differences outdoor exercisers will notice going into fall is the shortening window of daylight. If you do your running or power walking in the early mornings or after dinner, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing clothing and shoes with reflective material on them.

Reflective clothing helps motorists see you not only in the dark, but at dawn and dusk, too. Consider it a good investment in your safety.

Don’t have reflective clothing? Don’t worry. You can make your own with strips of reflective tape you can buy at the store. Just put them on the front and back of your shoes and shirt.

The torso of a woman is shown jogging outside while holding weights and wearing a vest for cooler weather.

Cooler temps mean layering clothes

Shorts and t-shirts are great for summer, but you’ll want to add a light pullover to keep your arms and core warm when the mercury drops. Consider longer exercise pants or capris, too.

You can always peel off your layers if you get too warm.

Hydration is still important

A big bonus of fall workouts is the milder weather. The sun isn’t beating down on you and the cool air makes even mid-day exercise more comfortable. But you still need to stay hydrated.

Sipping water before, during and after your workout is just as important during cooler temps as it is in the heat of summer. Keeping a bottle handy during all your outdoor adventures.

A woman wearing capri leggings and running shoes is shown from the back as she walks carrying a water bottle.

Don’t let up on sun protection

It may not be beach season, but there’s no reason to ditch your summer sunglasses and sunscreen habits. Even in the fall the sun’s rays can have damaging effects on your skin and eyes.

Wear good-quality sunglasses that protect against UVA and UVB rays. And use a hydrating sunscreen like Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Balancing Matte Day Lotion SPF 30, which has an SPF of 30.

Ask yourself: What supplements should I take?

It doesn’t affect your exercise routine, but changing seasons are a good time to re-examine your supplements, too. Are you still taking the best one for this time of year?

Berries, plums and other summer fruits are disappearing from farmer’s markets as fall approaches, possibly affecting what nutrients you are getting from your diet. And shorter days mean less sun exposure, which means less vitamin D.

Help fill any gaps by ensuring your multivitamin delivers what you may be missing.

Nutrilite™ Perfect Pack has 22 vitamins and minerals and the same number of plant concentrates. A daily dose is packed with phytonutrients equal to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Learn more

Now you’re ready to continue your exercise routine without missing a day. Grab your reflective workout gear, sunglasses and water bottle and head out for your fall runs, walks, hikes or bike rides.

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