Exercise and be healthy for life

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Exercising and dieting is often at the top our short-term goals list, but why make exercise a fad when you can make the decision to exercise and be healthy for life?

You are not alone

It’s hard to maintain a consistent exercise routine because everyone is different. There are a number of excuses for not working out – lack of time, not seeing yourself as an athlete, or maybe feeling like your current weight or physical condition holds you back. Excuses aside, one thing we know – nobody ever got healthier by sitting on the couch.

Feel good  body and soul

There’s strong evidence that regular physical activity improves cardiovascular health, muscular fitness, bone health, and body composition (more muscle, less fat). There are also some indications that regular exercise can boost mood and help you feel more energized.

Get moving

Did you know that your body needs 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise every week? But it doesn’t have to be all or none to get started. Why not start out with a brisk 30-minute walk? If you can do this most days of the week you are well on your way to those 150 minutes! That’s all the exercise you need to gain some healthy benefits.

Gaining momentum

Now, if a simple walk can help improve your health, imagine the benefits of more strenuous activities – such as running, bicycling, and swimming or adding resistance training to your cardio workout.

Keeping momentum

Once you get started, plan on succeeding by creating a calendar to schedule and check off your workouts, from walking to weight lifting. Think of your workout schedule just as you’d think of a doctor’s appointment or other commitment.

Maintaining success

Remember, every day is a new opportunity to move, change, and grow in health, so take your first step today!

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